Do you really have a family? Do you? 

On the first look, you may see me in an awkward way, thinking that I am being a fool in asking such a question. But, don’t stereotype me just now. Read on.

There will be a time when you will be alone. This is when you will find it hard to even talk to your closest friends and people; you will find it difficult to talk even to yourself.

You may even want to die.

But, if there’s even a single person who still tries to reach you to talk, if there’s a single one who tries to save you even after what you do, then you are a lucky one.

Because, if there is such a person in your life, then you have someone to call family.

In this context, you will have 2 families in your lifetime. One includes your parents and siblings.

The other includes the family you build.  

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