For Everything that happens, there lies a Reason Behind

Don’t think that the present situation, that you can’t deal with is the end of the problem. One day, you deal with it quite easily. 

For Everything that happens, there lies a Reason Behind.

My dear readers, as I use to do, whenever I write a blog, I write what I feel in my heart. For this blog, I am writing it, because I just want to tell you that –


Never lose hope on anything that you have to deal with emotionally. There’s always a way through it, if not directly then indirectly.

This blog a complete U-turn with respect to my previous blog. So, just read on.

It’s true, that while writing my previous blog, I lost almost all the hope for love, as I was loving a person who never cared about me. But, I didn’t stop loving her till the day I finally understood –

It’s useless for me to love a person who never ever cared for me.

The reason why I understood this, is that I recently met someone who cares for me. It took me the presence of this particular person to realize what I had been missing, and more importantly, what part of the picture I was not seeing. What I actually mean in the top blockquote is actually quite simple –

It takes time, and change of perspectives, to see the complete picture of a particular situation. And, it’s unwise to give up before completely seeing it. You might miss out on a lot of fun. 

I don’t know what Destiny wanted to tell me; I guess that she just wanted to update me on the true meaning of love and the true warmth of care. The day when I met this other person that really did care for me and love me, it was just a matter of seeing a picture consisting only black and white. I was nowhere when I was just seeing one of them. Changing the perspectives just did the trick for me. It was difficult, but I managed anyway.

I now understand that I should always cling on to even a single prick of hope, for every event has a reason behind its happening, and the need to trust the Almighty, for he knows everything.

If you did read my previous blog, you must have seen me mentioning that some of us younger youth commit the crime of committing suicide, because at one point or the other, they feel he same way as I did in the recent past. At that point, most of us forget the fact that we all have a purpose to fulfil, and that God has plans for all of us. It though is true that it really hurts when we have such feelings. But…

The only difference between me and them is that, they haven’t learned to love themselves yet. 

I don’t want to prolong my blog. So, before I end my monologue, I want to share an advice with you, which was passed to me by someone close to me-

My dear reader, and my friend

Once again I say, DO NOT LOSE HOPE. When you find an incomplete problem that weakens you emotionally, mentally and socially, you need to make your own efforts; that’s a fact. But, more important is the idea that you need to learn to be patient. You just need to wait while making your own effort, and all the pieces will fall in the proper place accordingly. 

Moreover, you will always have a time where you will face problems. Whether you like it or now, problems are a part of our life. They define that we are doing something different everyday in our lives, that we are flawed, and that we still are what we are. 

In a single statement, surrender the headache of your problems to God, and for God’s sake, start solving them, for each of them has a reason. 

Before I put my pen down, I would like to thank the person, who has recently started to shower me with love and warm me with care, and give me a lot of inspiration.

It was a poem that she wrote for me which ignited my soul. And that poem mentioned- Everything happens for a reason. 

Thanks to all of you who have endured with me so far. I hope that you still like my writing. May God bless you.


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  1. Thanks for spreading kindness and power. The world really needs it. Thanks for inspiring people through your posts. And yes of course hopes and beliefs let us keep going.
    Have a good day! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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