Smartphones and Internet: Irony of the society

Amidst this pandemic, most of us are enjoying the quarantine days, thanks in part to our smartphones and internet. But how smart is it to believe in it?

Hrishikesh Bharali, 1st post.

First of all, smartphones today are an indispensable part of our everyday lives and is also synonymous with internet. Many of you are thinking of ignoring the article from its look, as known there are countless number of articles on it at the finger of your screen.

To hold a vivid view of the subject, there is no statistical data or any thought here being a result of an excerpt from book as what I love to believe is that observing our surroundings and keeping whereabouts of our happenings gives us wisdom and learning is fun that way too.

It is no surprise till now that smartphones have become analogy to the strong evidence that your brain will believe whatever you will tell it. Got it! And there are so much of day to day instances that it never ends. To add to it, it has become a replacement of education, and worse for the educated masses too.

How many times have we found our friends, members of family forward us a message only to know is fake but they are not aware of that when of course their common sense would have dictated it as wrong? How many times have you found yourself react on impulse on something you saw when you understood that you could have acted more wisely? This in turn has led up to series of follow up events that have been detrimental to the development of today’s youth. Actually taking into consideration only the youth is not appropriate as it involves everyone. A device to which we are glued too for all of our time spent sedentary takes a toll on our subconscious mind in it’s in own way.

For an example 3 years ago I found a message that spoke about some harmful cosmic radiation that would harm you if you slept with mobile phones near you as it would cause blasting of the mobile phones and the warning came from NASA as stated in the message. And my first reaction was certainly being afraid of it but when I surfed the keywords in Google browser I immediately came to know it was a hoax. I saw the same message few months back too.  So the question here arises is what fraction of people would have actually verified and how many would have alerted others believing its true?  

From this it is now no longer not relatable what I want to underline within this limited words.

The smartphones have gone to influence us in establishing belief systems within us which lack the element of inquisitiveness, rather of to look intelligent and wear a façade. Our brains are wired to not think on own but rather what it says on the screen.

Although not all but majority of population, especially in a country like India, 74.04% doesn’t signify being a responsible individual with rationality composing the spine. Moreover from my observation, although being able to able to read and write is an achievement within itself but to know the credibility of various information on which the population is feeding, the common mass including us have a long way to go.

Well not an expert in this things and neither an analyst but what is increasingly leading to all of it, I can add two points which my tiny brain can comprehend, first one is that with more of this devices making our lives easy, we are secluded into a space cut off from genuine meaningful discussions and understanding. This in turn has led to be focused on information suited to our own sentiments and belief systems with no regard to positive criticism as you can simply ignore channels or sources that would provide with you a rational outlook. To highlight it, consider a person who gives good motivational speech whom you love. Now, you came across this person on Internet, you love him/her. Of course you discuss it and you would hate another one who brings out a flaw in that person and would end up searching in the Internet itself for justifying contradictory remarks without any room for considering it’s a possibility. So this forms the basis for second reason as what is happening now is that smartphones and Internet has find their way to the poorly educated people who get programmed on the same lines of thought process formerly described.

Hence it is seen that the youth, the grownups are so vulnerable to many types of unrest in today’s world, and get targeted to further conflicts. There is a long way to go for creating awareness about this and like a responsible citizen, we must be responsible in the use of smartphone and internet too.

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