Valentine’s Letter to You

It’s 1st February 2018, which means we are now in the month of Romance and Love. It must be a happy time, as this also marks the onset of Spring. You get the feeling, don’t you?

Flowers blooming, petals falling; a mild wind blowing across your face. You walking with someone special, holding hands.

Quite a happy picture, isn’t it? But think about it.

Do you need to show your love only to a single, special person? Isn’t there an ‘s’ attached to ‘person’?

What if I ask you – How many special people are there in your life? Can you count them? Do you know the people worthy of your love?

Or, are you worthy for the people who have constantly loved you till now?

Yeah, I know that February is mostly for couples. But surely, there are people who have been there for you, from your single days to your couple days.

It’s about damn time that you take some time off and think about whether you still are worthy of the love you get, which you may think costs nothing. It’s time to show some love for those people who have been behind the scenes all this time.

And yeah, enjoy this month, okay?

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