A First Diplomatically Candid Interview, with Varun Patel! 

Eshan Abbas

7th post. 1st Interview.

He’s an adventure seeker. And yet, acting is still ahead of adventure by some millimetres. He got his first kiss at an age earlier than when I got my first. He’s apparently in love with a girl, and he keeps his secrets. Most importantly, his latest adventure was at Arunachal Pradesh.

After interacting with him in his last live video, I immediately sent him a friend request on Facebook. The moment he accepted it, my joy knew no bounds! And he soon allowed me to take his interview (that’s a first for me).

Meet Varun Patel, my favourite contestant in Arre’s ‘The Real High’. He’s got the humility, he’s got the body, and we two are somewhat alike in personalities. And when the East and the West connect, always expect something excellent to come out!

Can you spot Varun? I can. There’s a reason behind me choosing this photo from his Facebook account. Do the math!

And so, here’s the diplomatically candid interview of Varun Patel, which actually happened in a span of approximately 21 hours (I bet even he will not have noticed that!). Read on!

Me: How would you introduce yourself to a girl ?

Varun: Hahaha… how would I introduce? (Lol) After a lot of trial and errors, I realised a simple and honest hello works best.

He’s a potential competition to one of my friends! 🙈

Me: How would you introduce yourself to me?

Varun: How would I introduce myself to you? I wouldn’t, Eshan. We already know each other now.


Me: How many adventures have you had till now?

Varun: I have been on quite a few adventures in general. As a kid, I always used to go trekking, exploring, go on camps, rafting, paragliding, etc. Then, for a while, I got a little complacent when I was studying and running a business in my college, my café. But this show honestly reminded me of how much I love travelling and how much I love adventure… so many to come for me. Somehow, I got so caught up in college life and my work life, that for a while I totally forgot to go out in nature, explore and have fun.
Me: So, I guess, adventure comes before acting for you, right?

Varun: Haha, it’s a tough fight! They are tied in for first, with acting a millimetre in the lead.

The balance tiptoes here and there.😋

Me: How did you come to know about The Real High?

Varun: A friend of mine told me that they were casting for the series. So I checked out the call they had go online and got in touch with them.

Me: Interesting! Your friends working for Arre? Who exactly told you? The name please. (Okay, I admit. I was a fool not to understand even that)

Varun: No, I don’t have friends working for Arre. This is a school friend of mine who has nothing to do with the company.

Me: You must have been jumping, weren’t you?

Varun: Yes! When I first heard about it, I was excited. At the interview and screening process, I was nervous and excited both. Then, when I got the call, I was super happy! Honestly, I was quite nervous while giving the interview and audition.
Me: What did you think the show would be about? I mean, in the beginning?

Varun: The promo trailer was quite clear, so I knew it would be an adventure show where they would take away the luxuries of the city life. I didn’t know what the challenges and activities would be was honestly quite curious.
Me: And was going to Arunachal Pradesh your first?

Varun: Yup, never been before.

Me: Did you know anything about the Seven Sisters of India before? I mean, like heard from someone about them?
Varun: Yes, I had, from many people. I had heard that it was beautiful, untouched, and that there was a good music scene there.

Music, appreciation!

Me: Your first reaction on reaching Guwahati, and then Arunachal, were?

Varun: The people were really nice, humble, soft-spoken, cultured, and polite.

Some aren’t.😂

Me: And if I am not wrong, you reached Guwahati around 5 am, right?

Varun: Dude! I am impressed! Yes, roughly.

Credit to Harman Singha’s Instagram story for that info!🤓

Also, the landscape was beautiful, and the deeper we drove into the state, it just kept getting more beautiful.

But, if you want my very first reaction when I landed, I was fascinated by the numerous Rhino statues both inside and outside the airport. I was really hoping we would see one.

Me: Well, you will not find them in Guwahati. You will have to travel to Kaziranga to see them. You can watch them while you are travelling. Rhino is our state animal, that’s why you could see the Rhino statues.

Varun: I know. I asked the locals as soon as we arrived. Kaziranga was unfortunately not on the way!

Me: No worries, visit them the next time you come.

Varun: Haha, done!

Kaziranga, you will be having visitors!😎

But, on a serious note, the gentleness of the people was the first thing that struck me and then came the outstanding lush, untouched green landscape!

Hope I am not boring you!

Well, you aren’t.😉

Me: Well, the sad thing is, it’s slowly getting destroyed. What you could see was much less than what it was five years ago.

Varun: Fair enough, but it’s still far better than a lot of places in our country in terms of being untouched.

That’s encouraging! More conservation needed!

Me: That’s very true. So, next question: Did you bathe the highest number of times during the journey?

Varun: Haha! Good question! I’d say Arzoo and I would tie for the first place. (Smiles)

I hope that they weren’t competing!😂

Me: Well, your reaction was really good! Most would actually do a jiggle dance after one mug in such a temperature. I do that!

Varun: Haha! Well, if adversity isn’t an option might as well smile through it. It was SUPER COLD though, really!

Brave boy!

Me: Who bathed the least? Is the answer Vinay Bareja?

Varun: Haha! I didn’t keep track, to be honest! But yes, let’s just say bathing wasn’t the priority on everyone else’s list, except Arzoo!

Count me in too, in such cases. I won’t also back off from bathing everyday!😎

Me: That’s a diplomatically candid answer! Moving on to the next question: Tell me, how that adventure of two boys kissing the same girl, in the same house happened? If you don’t mind.

Varun: OMG!! Eshan!!! You REALLY do your research!! I shall tell you the story. No names. Okay?

Varun bhaiyya, you gave away that info yourself.😗

Me: Really cool. Even Crime Patrol does the name change. So, no problem.

Varun: Hahahahah! I love your candor, and your questions!

Okay, so my best friend and I were 13, and went over to a friend’s house. It ended up being the two of us and like, 5 girls. We decided to play Spin the Bottle; I will let you do that math!

Yes, we were thirteen; yes, it was my first kiss; yes, I and he are still great friends!!

How in the hell?!😲

Me: Oh, so simple! And I was thinking that something drastic would have happened!

Varun: Haha! Maybe it did! But I will share that with you after the interview! Just kidding.

Damn, you secret keeper!😣

Me: That leads me to ask: How many kisses till now? Even your introduction video on this show shows one of them!

Varun: Haha! I don’t kiss and tell. Let’s just leave it at my first kiss being in the 9th grade. #GeometricProgression . Just kidding!

Not geometric, but exponentially!😝

Me: Well well, we are getting mathematical here! Moving on to the next question: What’s your age?

Varun: I just turned 27.

Oh well, I am 8 years younger!😮

Me: On 8th June?

Varun: Yes sir, that is correct!

Sir… Scary!🤐

Me: So, some candid questions, Are you currently having a girlfriend?

Varun: Haha! (Blushes) No, I am not.

You are about to!😋

Me: Of the 3 girls in your group, whom would you try to give a kiss?

Varun: Haha! If she was single, Arzoo!

Not leaving a chance, are you!😂

Me: Poor boy! Smart choice. She’s beautiful, right?

Varun: Well, she’s got a great personality, always down for an adventure and very energetic, yet mature! Okay, she’s cute!

Admitted that.😊

Me: From which girl would you take 10 slaps?

Varun: I am a good boy! I don’t deserve that!!

You said that, and you will get someday.😂

Me: And I was just about to say something similar! Next: Out of you 3 boys, who’s having the perfect body?

Varun: Vinay is extremely fit!


Me: And what would you be among the three?

Varun: 2.


Me: Prove that.

Varun: (Shows his muscles)💪 There you go!

Oh, accha. Aise!

Me: I see. Body power!

Varun: May be it might be there in a future episode! Who knows?

Spoiler! Girls, watch.😋

Me: Each statement of yours such as this takes me nearer to the correctness of my hypothesis. Moving on, what is your favourite cartoon of all time?

Varun: I used to like speed racer a lot!

Mine was Tom and Jerry😃

Me: Because it involved speed? Excitement?

Varun: Haha! Maybe subconsciously, ya! Racer X was cool and mysterious too!

I am scared of speed. Mysterious things are fascinating for me though

Me: Next question. Any favourite ‘saas-bahu’ serials?

Varun: Haha, nope.

High five!😁🖐

Me: One thing you would like to do for your future girlfriend, something devilish?

Varun: Oh! I like this! So here goes –

I wanted to tell her that we were going out for lunch to keep herself free. Then take the car to the airport and buy a ticket for a place we both have never been to, and go there for lunch! … A foreign country… maybe by the Eiffel Tower, or some lovely island with blue seas.

Hmm, does this count as devilish? Crossing state boundaries for lunch, without her family’s permission, secretly, telling no one?


Me: Yes, that is! I would have no guts to even take out my former girlfriend to take on a simple date, let alone do such a thing! So, while all of this, will there be any development of some pervert wishes?

Varun: Nope! I am more a Disney guy at heart!


Me: That’s a sure lie!

Varun: Promise!

Still not believing, but… He’s a good guy.

Me: Well, I believe you. Your live video proved much to me. Which bollywood woman would you want to date?

Varun: Sonakshi Sinha has a cute smile! And Shraddha Kapoor is cute too!


Me: And among Hollywood women?

Varun: Sophia Bush, easy!

I don’t know who she is.😶

Me: And among the women who have worked for Arre? Don’t say Arzoo!

Varun: Haha! None, they are all great and very professional to work with.

Yes, no tongue slips.✌

Me: Your favourite comic superhero?

Varun: Iron Man!

Me: Interesting. Quite contrasting to your nature!

Varun: I often am drawn to charactes or people that are unlike me. Usain Bolt, Robbie Williams, etc. I guess, I wish I had some of those traits, so I live vicariousl through them, or seek to imbibe those traits from them.


Me: Your favourite sex position?

Varun: Hahahahaha! (Makes ‘question for not interview’ face).

I was scared to ask this question. But anyway.✌

Me: Sorry, that got the line crossed!

Varun: Haha, no worries dude. It’s all cool!

Chalo, I am safe. Ye mujhe nahi marega.

Me: Next up – Your Hollywood, Bollywood and Comic Villain?

Varun: Hollywood: Javier Bardem, Heath Ledger and Jeremy Renner. Comic: Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin in Spiderman 1. Bollywood: I really like Vijay Raaz in some films.

Me: That’s an interesting set of favourites. Good! Now for some one word-answer questions. One famous person in the world whom you would assassinate?

Varun: No one, I am a bad assassin. Next.

Me: One girl, whose proposal you would reject?

Varun: Everyone’s, except the one I love!

Wait. You lied earlier!😲

Me: One person, with whom you would fight like Jackie Chan?

Varun: Haha! Such mean questions! No one. I am a peace-loving soul.

That means body abs are for attraction!😁

Me: One adventure you are still yet to do?

Varun: Skydive solo!

Mera to dil haath me aa jayega!😂

Me: One adventure you will never do?

Varun: Skydive Solo. Joking. Lizards terrify me. Anything lizard related and I am out!

I am packing a gift full of lizards for your next birthday!😂

Me: I am even worse!

Varun: Haha! We think alike.

I claimed first!😁✌

Me: The woman and man you are scared of the most?

Varun: Don’t know, to be honest!

That’s a scary answer. 😶

Me: When are we going to see your wife?

Varun: That’s a long time away! Full focus to my career for now. My priority is acting for the moment, so I am not ready for marriage anytime soon.

Inspiration, for me!✌😁

Me: The last formal question: When are you visiting Northeast again, especially Gauhati? Maybe we could meet.

Varun: I don’t know yet to be honest, but maybe for the Ziro Music Festival. But when or if I do, certainly we can meet up. And if you drop by Bombay, feel free to get in touch and we will meet.

Bombay aane ko to mai pata nahi kab se chah raha hu, par ye zindagi.😣

Me: And that sums up my first candid interview, if it was.

Varun: Yes, it was a great mix of insightful, yet candid. I really enjoyed it!

And I enjoyed asking!😁✌

There was more talk, but I will not share that with you. You know, privacy between two men!😁

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