The Real High – Arre’s Outdoor Calling 

Eshan Abbas

6th post. 2nd Web-Series review.

Quite the change, right?

Welcome to ‘The Real High’.

Presented by Arunachal Pradesh Tourism, and driven by Nissan India (as Twitter says), this show is the first kind that we get to see in India. So, get over with your love and ‘saas -bahu’ dramas, and pack your bags to visit the place, where Earth’s heaven exists.

Ranvijay Singha, arguably the nation’s best youth icon, came up with the idea of taking 6 city slackers on a journey, where they learn what the real high is, and where it is. And where better to do this other than our very own AP… I mean to say, Arunachal Pradesh – The state which sees the Sun, the earliest.

So, before I go introducing the contestants here, let me get some things straight.

First of all, this show has no eliminations. YES, NO ELIMINATIONS. It’s one big adventure; happy? After all, it’s an Arre Original.

Everything that has been and will be shown in the future is all real. No scripts and no excessive drama. Even the shitting is real.It’s like the treks we normal people have under a trek guide.

And the final thing – Besides Entertainment, it’s Education, Practical Education. So, don’t just sit on your couches while watching the episodes. At least, walk some distance while you watch them. Good for our health.

So now, let’s get to the contestants, and let me take the chance to introduce them to you.

The sources of the following information are Facebook and YouTube only. City Slacking.

1. Vinay Bareja:

Born on 11th September 1990, he’s the, what we call, the ‘party’ man. On your first encounter with him, you may think that he’s not that person with whom you can converse so easily (at least, this is what I think). But, the fact that he takes the first step in starting the conversation is what brings him closer to us.

If you are going to believe the other five contestants, he will be the one to be the most loved by the end of this show. I am saying this standing on the fact that, the more a person opens up to others, the closer one gets to others.

What does Arre say? “Party ka kya scene hai? Ask Vinay Bareja. #PartyKaShaukeen”

And yeah, he’s from Delhi. Delhi people are always fun. Call him the ‘Tony Stark

2. Shivam Sharma:

The softspoken persons are often the ones who understand others the most. Don’t believe? You should meet this man then.

A business analyst by profession, and a poet by passion (as described on YouTube), this man from Pune used to believe that he was not of the type to travel to new places. I don’t know, but he may still find more happiness in his home and his poems. But, he went the other way and joined this adventure, in the hope (apparently) that he will find something new.

Anyway, he apparently seems to be the creator of The Mansarovar Project, which is a collaborative effort to bring forth Hindi and Urdu poetry or prose. You can call him the ‘Alfred’ of this group.

Literature experts, that’s for you. Good news.

3. Sonia Jain:

Wanna meet a daredevil? Meet this lady.

She rides motorcycles for a living. NOTE THAT!

Her Facebook bio says – Rider by passion, traveller by nature, marketing manager by profession and journalist by education. Women empowerment, got it?

I guess that she’s the strongest of all the female contestants. So I better not write much about her. (Pata nahi kab aake mujhe hi kisi motorcycle se ura de)

She’s the ‘Wonder Woman’ in this group.

4. Arzoo Sait: 

Her Facebook profile says: Creative Designer at the Golden Touch Centre, and Former Editorial Assistant at British Vogue.

Man, do you need to know more about her? Admit it, she’s Confidence incarnate. We need more women like her, don’t you think?

I need not say anything more about her. Check her out on the social media. She’s the ‘ Miss Calm’ in this group.

5. Neha Chugh:

Her Facebook profile says: Junior Fashion Stylist at Conde Nast India, Owner at La Celebratio Clothing, and Former Manager at Toni&Guy India. 

Damn! Why can’t we associate feminism with these women? Yes, we know the big ones, but shouldn’t the upcoming ones also get the attention?

And yes, she’s the ‘Fashion Diva’ in this group.

6. Varun Patel: 

And I think you were wondering why I was keeping him for the last. Well, favourites are always introduced in the end, right?

When you look into his introduction in the show, you will find that he’s one of those who have tried almost everything, to find what gives the ‘kick’. And his Facebook profile says:

Actor at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute – New York, Owner/Partner at Joe’s Café, Former Intern at Tata Consultancy Services, and also worked at Knight Frank. 

Wow! That’s some Facebook profile.

And well, he’s my favourite contestant. Do you know why? Because at some points, I find him to be like me. Most importantly, he never backs off from anything new. That is what I love the most about him. 

You should know how it feels when such a person accepts your friend request on Facebook. (Yeah, he’s my facebook friend).

You can call him the ‘Spider-man’ of this group.

By the time you read this blog, I will already be taking his interview.

The contestants had been live on Saturday after Episode 2 was live. You can already see who’s who, right?✌

Now, it apparently seems that this show may last 7 weeks. So, get ready to enjoy in the bliss of nature.
So, whatever it may be, this show is going to a Real Hit. That is a certain observation, once you start watching this show.

Here are the links to watch the show:

1. – Episode 1

2. – Episode 2

You can watch these episodes also on Facebook, and later on the other online entertainment websites.

Also, please see the other contents of Arre. You will love them!😁 

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