The Joy of Death 

Eshan Abbas

9th Post. 2nd Poem.

Angels of Death,

This, my poem, is in your honour,
And let me tell you why.
My beginning itself should have been an end.
Had there not been my parents, who
Did not have the courage to kill me.
Angels, you could have taken me away then, but you couldn’t

There was a mother, who was the God to this child
And there was a father, who became the Hero for this child.

And still, Angels of Death,
This, my poem, is in your honour,
And let me continue my ‘why’.

When my consciousness grew to the point that I could speak and my eyes could see,
My ears heard the first horror, and the eyes saw the first terror.
It was you lot, who took someone like me, away.
And when I questioned about this,
No one had the guts to answer my ‘why’.
So, Angels of Death, may I continue my ‘why’?

As my consciousness grew further, so did my emotions.
Love and bliss seemed wonderful to me,
And having a boyfriend deemed potential to me.
Alas, my first love, became the reason of my ‘first kiss’
My others friends giggled, and happily teased me about this

And I still wonder, was that really my first kiss?
It was in such a time, Angels of Death, when things got fucked up.
Lend your eyes for a few moments more. Read on!

When I bled for the first time, I was worried.
My parents were worried too, but not for me.
I worried because I didn’t knew why I bled.
My parents were worried because they knew why I bled.
They started telling me all the rules and customs,
Which were to be followed all the time.
And I wondered where my fault was at that time!

And so, Angels of Death, I continue my ‘why’.
I was not so good at studies; maybe I wasn’t destined to be.
But destiny did have some other plans for me, and they were revealing.
That’s when my parents overwrote my destiny,
And started deciding what was best for me.
I realised that my first of freedom was gone. But what could I do?
I was too weak.
I happily surrendered, thinking that
They cannot be wrong.

And that was, the gravest mistake of my life.
This started a cycle of pain and tears, which is going on till now.

And that’s why I smile, on your arrival.
Because now, I shall be free from this cycle.
I can wander as a soul, happily shedding a tear
For the ones trapped in this cycle.

And who knows, I may descend to this realm, yet again?
And live a short life, full of happiness, once again?
Till then, I shall enjoy
In the Joy of Death.

The Angels were crying when they finally folded the piece of paper. The woman had died, with a smile. Her soul could not be found anymore.

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