Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War: The War We have been Waiting For

You may know it already, but the official 2 trailers for #InfinityWar have dropped on Social Media. 

So we are finally here –

22 versus 1. Avengers versus Thanos!


The Final Poster for this Epic one! From Marvel Studios.

And why am I here exactly? To express how I feel about all of it. And of course, my theories of what may happen. Some of them may be probable spoilers. Also, if any of my theories coincide with someone else’s, please know that I acknowledge their brains and work. After all, I am not that much of a comic geek. Also, don’t mind if some are bluffs. 

The first part of this blog is a letter to the MCU.

The first MCU movie which I saw for the first time wasn’t Iron Man, but Thor. I was just scrolling through all the channels on TV when I suddenly bumped on this movie.

To be honest, I didn’t understand what was going on completely then; I could figure out a bit of what was going on. Back then, I had no idea of what Marvel was.

It was when I came across the Facebook game – Marvel’s Avengers Alliance that I finally started to know more and more about all these characters. Sure, I knew about Spider-Man much earlier than Iron Man and Captain America, but it was this game which truly made me a Marvel Fan.

Since then nothing has held me back in following Marvel every way I can.

And it’s now 10 years since the MCU began. Everything is getting in place, piece by piece. 

Let me now shift to the second part of this blog. It’s time to present my ideas and theories of what may happen. I am not going to post edited pictures as the experts do because I cannot, and I am not an expert. 

1. Balancing the Universe:

“Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the Universe…”

In Captain America: Civil War, we hear Vision’s ‘boom’ analysis of unchecked power, and at the end, he mentions ‘Conflict Breeds Catastrophe’. Since Vision has been trying to grasp the vastness of the mind stone from the time it was attached to him, we can assume that his understanding of the mind stone has given him a higher perspective than all of the avengers.

Combining both the references, I just feel that Thanos is not only the biggest and the baddest villain, but also a force which will keep the growing power of the avengers in check. This combined with the leaked news of some characters being killed off the idea that we are about to see the death of at least one powerful character in the MCU.

Thanos, hell bent on collecting all the Infinity Stones. Look how his eyes are – he’s definitely mocking the Avengers

2. Lady Death? 

The biggest question is – Why is Thanos trying to balance the Universe?

In the MCU so far, we haven’t seen the death of a major character for a while. Only Phil Coulson, the Ancient One and Allfather Odin are the one to face death yet.

This means, the death rate is not equal to birth rate. Life has been reigning over death for quite a while now. Balance needed, desperately. 

And who better than Lady Death, the embodiment of death itself, to ask Thanos to do that, given his stubbornness once he takes up a task? 

If you ask me about Hela, I would say she’s a goddess of death, not death itself. And moreover, she’s an Asgardian. Thanos probably hates them, that’s why we see him torturing Thor in the earlier leaked trailer.

Plus, this might be a good chance to introduce more cosmic characters in the MCU. 

3. Nova Corps destroyed?

It was in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ where we saw the Nova Corps for the first time, and they were given the Power stone by the end of the movie, with the possible aim to let them further strengthen their offense systems, or more.

Since Thanos has the Power stone in the trailer, this has to mean that the corps are defeated. But, were they just simply defeated? Didn’t they fight back? Didn’t they improve themselves using the Infinity stone? I bet they did, cause Tony Stark dared to. 

Is this a hidden key to the development of the strongest one in the Nova Corps, one of the future Avengers, and the next powerful character?

4. A United front:

Thor: Ragnarok showed us that Asgardians are coming to Earth to build their new Asgard, and we know each of them is quite a fighter given that they have faced Ragnarok and survived.

Then we know that Wakanda is the most advanced civilisation on Earth in the MCU, because of their use of the most versatile Earth element, Vibranium. The trailer for Black Panther shows us their agility.

Combine these with the fact that a major part of Infinity War will be on Wakanda. What I think is that –

We may see a united front of The Wakandans, The Asgardians and The Avengers in that war, against Thanos, or at least, against the Black Order. 

5. Thor’s late arrival:

Now, this may be a bit harsh, a bit too harsh, but with a partial proof, I dare to hypothesise that –

Thor’s late arrival is what will kill some of the Avengers.

In the leaked trailer, we saw that Thor was unconsciously floating in space when the Guardians of the Galaxy catch him. The way he gets shocked to find himself in another spaceship probably explains only one thing: He has been knocked out for a long time. 

Keep in mind the fact that with respect to Earth, Thor and Hulk are the first to face Thanos in advance. But the fact that someone will die points to the fact that he would be late. 

The reason I am not betting on Bruce Banner informing everyone in advance is that there is a less probability that he will remember his encounter with Thanos.

This is one scene from the trailer which I have no idea about. This probably, as far as I can tell, is possibly a war spaceship, which will wreck havoc on earth. He probably is trying to either stop it from doing do, or using it in the war against Thanos.


6. The Sokovia Accords, revised, maybe?

The Sokovia Accords were formed due to the fact that the Avengers made some very grave public mistakes, and that Thor and Hulk were not on our planet itself during Civil War.

Compromise and Reassurance, as it was stated, was necessary back then. 

But, will the UN just sit back sipping tea, knowing that an alien invasion, and most probably, a planetary wipe-out is about to begin? Damn NO.

And if however, either Thor or Hulk survive, they will definitely question the Accords, given the fact that the best chance Earth has against Thanos is none other than Avengers.

We also know that Captain Marvel will make an entry before the 2nd part of Infinity War hits the theatres. Since Skrulls are the enemy for her, there is a great possibility that there may be another alien invasion coming. This leads to this –

Compromise and Reassurement may well be thrown away by the end of Infinity War. 

7. A New Captain America:

If you have watched Spiderman: Homecoming, you will realise that there’s a prototype of Cap’s shield in making. Knowing Stark, there is a high possibility that this one will be better than the original.

If you are really getting my instincts, then you may have already got yourself asking this-

Is Steve Rogers going to die? 

8. The beginning of the Illuminati: 

Yes, we have the avengers. We have the Sorcerers. We have Wakanda. We have SHIELD.

But it kinda pisses everyone off, when they realise that someone is always on the move to erase their existence so continuously. 

First up, there’s Hydra, still trying to conquer Earth. Then there’s Loki having brother and inferiority complex. There are even magical threats like Dormammu, who was barely defeated, and now Thanos, the Mad Titan.

With the Sokovia Accords still up and the groups our heroes almost being almost public, it would become necessary that there be a secret group of these people who quietly work to make Earth a better place without disturbing anyone.

And for this work, I bet we are going to see the rise of the Illuminati.

What assures me on this hypothesis is that the Skrulls are eyeing our planet, too.

9. A young, future leader of the Avengers: 

Well, this is something I personally want; there are some scarce proofs though.

First up, he doesn’t shy from obstacles. This has been proved both in Captain America: Civil War and Spiderman: Homecoming, as he takes on the giant Ant-Man and defeating Vulture even after getting ripped of his new suit.

Second, he’s adored and respected by everyone till now. Even Thanos might give him a compliment, because he may be the first one on Earth to face Thanos, single handedly.

Third, he knows that ‘With Power, comes Great Responsibility’. He doesn’t state this directly, but if you listen to him carefully, you will know. And what’s more, Tony Stark wants him to be better. For the future?

All these traits are equivalent, or greater than those possessed by Steve Rogers. And since Cap was once the leader of the Avengers, it will be fitting if someone like him with great understanding of power gets the reigns of the Avengers in the future.

Though there are currently contenders like Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but chances are that they may get swapped away by agendas. Spidey in this case, has no agenda to bear. 

So, that’s as far as I can figure out from the earlier movies, the trailer and some announcements. Anyway, the trailer is currently on top in trending on YouTube while I type, and the hype will just keep getting bigger and bigger. 


So folks, get ready for 27th April 2018. Get ready for the Infinity War! 


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