What do we need to and don’t need to learn in Mathematics? 


I guess, the title itself pisses you off. After all, it’s Mathematics.

Anyway, let me come to the point, straight.

All these recent months have given me a wider perspective of why is Mathematics such a conundrum in its own right. I don’t know if I am wrong, or right, but since I have studying it for long, I guess I ought to share some findings with you.

Here goes:

1. We do not have a system of permanent coordinates, because we can choose the origin of our liking. This means what’s (1,1) to someone maybe (2,3) to someone else. And hence…

Nothing is permanent truth. There is a frame of reference and a point of origin to a certain line of truth.

2. If you want to have the same area under integration, you either make your equation same as others or put the same limits as others. Fun Fact is, you can get the same area from every single equation, provided you give it proper limits.

The point is, you should have your own way to do your work, because only you know your limits.

3. In the Argand Plane, every imaginable complex number has a particular place, unique to it. No two distinct points are coincident.

I know that it’s a bit absurd, right? Well whatever you may say, there are many absurdities in our world. I am just aiming at one of them here.

Taking it to our level, I propose that no two persons are the same. Each of us has a unique place in this reality, that is to say, just from the perspective of one, single person. Perspectives can change, give the fact that we all think independently.

4. When we are solving mathematical problems, we need to have at least one assumption. Some are known to the common people. Some aren’t. It’s not that we can’t find the solution without assumption; it’s just that without the assumption, the solution gets too complex and involves several variables instead of just one or two, or maybe three.

I guess, (or should I say, propose with fear) that there’s only one underlying reason behind the fact that we set up rules to follow, draft constitutions, pass laws and so on… basically whatever in our life that we believe in – We Can’t Picture Everything, Or Everyone, IN OUR PICTURE. THE PICTURE IS TOO HORRIFYING FOR THE EYES.

5. Well, if you are acquainted with Probability, then you should know that the probability is never zero for a realistic situation. On the other hand, it’s also true that statistics for a certain event aren’t always good for us.

So, if you ask me, don’t believe in Statistics too much, because Probability has still something for you.

6. And last, but not the least, I should warn you about limits. Sure, they help us in complex calculations, but this shouldn’t be applied in your life.

You are more than your limits, remember that.

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