​“A.I.SHA – My Virtual Girlfriend” – Arre takes Girlfriends to the next level! 

Eshan Abbas

2nd post. 1st Web-series review.

One day, I was searching for tech-based video on YouTube, when I stumbled on this video called “A.I.SHA – My Virtual Girlfriend: Episode 1”. The moment I saw the first 2 minutes of the video, I knew that God wanted me to watch this series. This happened 5 months ago.

This is one of the covers for the 2nd season of AISHA – My Virtual Girlfriend

A coding genius, a sadist boss, a drug-dealing entrepreneur, an aspiring co-coder, an understanding manager, and the superior app, AISHA – What could have we expected with this lot in the first season?Boom! Thunder! Wow! Amazing! …these can be some exclamations to praise the show. When I saw the complete season 1 of this web series, I was thinking, “What the hell did I go through?” For a moment, I thought that this show wasn’t made in India, seeing the level of this show. But the casts made me believe that every time I saw them.

Let me give you a rough outline of this web series. The story revolves around a coder, who creates an AI in a year, with the help of someone mysterious, called MAYA. The story starts with that and goes on well into season 2, as of now.

Well, coming to the cast, Raghu Ram has been given the role which suits him, the role being of Siddharth Babbar. It seems that the role was born for Raghu Ram. His portrayal of a sadist boss isn’t someone I want my boss to be in the future though. And yet, that confidence in him makes people get chills in their back. Literally, he kills it.

I though feel that Sid should be more wary of the enemies he’s gathering slowly. Confidence aside, he has got some serious issues of making mockery out of people.

The ‘Boss whom I would love to hate’ – Siddharth Babbar, played by Raghu Ram. He doesn’t need any introduction!

The protagonist, Harman Singha, plays the role of Sameer Luthra, who is an idiotic genius. Like all the geeks, he is a genius, but we all know that there is a difference between being a genius and being smart. You could say that he is the polar opposite of Siddharth Babbar. The idea of a geek creating something so terrifying is itself terrifying. Imagine if someone could do so at that level in the real world. I would be obviously jealous.
And a little bit of trivia. Harman is the writer of the story for this web series.

‘The Coder’ – Sameer Luthra, and the writer of this web series, Harman Singha

Then there’s Sidhu, the drug dealer, calling himself an entrepreneur, played by Adesh Sidhu. He is Sam’s only friend, but he also has another friend – Rosy, his gun. It is rather coincidental that the character and the cast both have the same name; I guess the writer saw him before he created this character. He may be an underdog in the story, but as the episodes of Season 2 are being unveiled, I can believe that he will have a major impact in the future.
The only complaint I have of Sidhu is that he is not a tech genius. Had he been, imagine what he would do, and what impact it could would have on the story!

Now, time for the strongest character, i.e. Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant, or in short, AISHA. As per the demand of the story, the one who is portraying it is Nimisha Mehta. She is a hallmark of beauty! I think Harman may have thought once or twice to cast her without any audition. Who knows? She is a beauty, after all.

If I get a chance, I would want to ask AISHA a few questions, which would be –

1. How and where in the hell did she acquire the human emotions?

2. Why, after being the smartest AI, she can’t realise the simple fact that an AI can’t take the place of a human?

3. Why is she that much of a fool that she can’t think of creating an AI Sam for herself? She seems to be wearing different clothes in different episodes, even after being an AI.

The only complaint I have on AISHA is that she is an AI till now. She should be alive.

The ‘Deadly Beauty’, Nimisha Mehta. I am currently having a crush on her. I wish I can meet her someday.

There are many other characters which are yet to have a major impact on the story, which is why I won’t focus on them that much, for I myself want to see what they would bring to the story in the near future. One of them is the character called Mariyam, played by Flora Saini, then Kriti, played by Auritra Ghosh, Manav Kaul as the Professor Saraswat, Rashi Mal as Abigail, who’s a hacker, Meherzan Mazda, who plays Faiz. And ya, Samir Sharma is the police inspector Adil Sheikh, who appears later in the story. I am confident that these characters are definitely going to make an impact in the future. We just have to wait and see how they turn out to be.

The ‘Hacker’ Abigail, and the stunner – Rashi Mal. I think the director wants us to get heart attacks by putting so much beauty in a single web series!

Kudos to the director of this web series, Sahir Raza, who has done a marvellous job in guiding the people to create an excellent web series. You can watch some videos on YouTube where we can see the efforts of the director on the actors in creating the characters the story demanded. As of now, he has already made his debut in the 2nd episode of Season 2 (spoiler for new watchers, but don’t jump there in a go. Watch the whole 1st season first). Not to forget, there has been an excellent work on the background music, dialogue, costume design, cinematography, etc. They too deserve applause and, not to forget, handclaps for Arre, who thought of bringing such a web series.

Currently, this web series has been nominated in many categories in international web fests like the LA Web Fest.

This may be strange, but I am yet to develop any complaints on the overall web series itself. This show keeps up with almost all the major things: tech stuff, girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, murder, drug dealers, office life, personality issues, revenge, and revolution… did I miss anything else? If yes, do send in your additions.

Since I have told almost everything about this web series, except for the details and speculations in the story, allow me to tell you that you can watch this web series on –

1. The Arre website – http://www.arre.co.in

2. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ArreIndia

3. YouTube – Search “AISHA – My Virtual Girlfriend” (Season 1 or 2) and subscribe to it.

You can get more updates about the web series by either follow Arre or its actors on the social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can also download the Arre app from the websites –

1. http://bit.ly/ArreApp

2. http://bit.ly/ArreiOSApp

Start watching this web series as soon as possible, and you won’t be disappointed. Like, comment, share and subscribe to this web series!

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  1. Wow wow BhAi control ye to puri information hai team AISHA k bare me raghu sir Harman sir Nimisha mam and all entire team but I must say your blogs r really good


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