The Day, when I stood up Against my Teacher! 

Eshan Abbas

3rd Post. 1st Real-Life story.

As you read this article further while waiting for the reply of your boyfriend or girlfriend on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, I will be taking you to an earlier chapter of a book called – My Life. Literally. What you are about to read is something I had never dared to do, even in my bravest dreams. Here it goes; enjoy reading and living an adventure of my life.

It was a Friday, definitely a Friday. But this adventure began 2 days before this particular Friday. I was in class 11 when this happened.

I remember that someone had come to perform a dance for us, a traditional dance. He was a free entertainment, so all of us wanted to get at least a pinch of that entertainment. As we were among the senior ones, we acted high and mighty, expressing non-interest in the entertainment.

I had to act even more, for I was the captain of the morning assembly and the musical instrumentalists of the school. I used to be model example of an all-rounder student.

So, coming back to the story, the entertainment came to us 2 days before. Then, came Thor’s Day (I mean, Thursday).

As usual, I was about to go to the morning assembly to perform my daily duties. My team used to assemble a bit earlier so as to have some musical fun. But this Thursday brought along some Thor’s Mjonir for all of us.

4 of my teammates quietly declared, that they are leaving my team for good.

Immediately I knew that something was definitely off. So, as per human nature, I asked them the reason.

It was one of my teachers.

Those 4 boys told me that this teacher had not scolded, but humiliated them, just for trying to get that entertainment for 10 to 20 seconds. They almost cried in front of me after remembering all of what he may have said.

Before you start to wonder what this teacher may have said to them, let me provide you with a little side story – the story of our relation with him. 

He was the teacher-in-charge of our team for 3 years, and those were my initial years as the captain of the team. For a major part of this period, he constantly had problems with our way of operating (well, we used to act as the school wanted us to). I somehow managed to tackle him during those 3 years. And yet, he was very good to me, until class 11 came to be in my life.

As soon as I reached class 11, I had to face his mockery, every day. I was already fed up being called the Asthma patient to almost the postmaster for a month before this came to me.

After this happened, the volcano inside me exploded. I decided that it was the time for ‘the tat of the tit’.  

On that very same day, during our Tiffin Break, I summoned my team. I had a piece of paper and a pen with me. I had come up with something.

“Well, you all have supported me through everything. It’s time for your captain to show what we are to the school. You already know what happened with these four.”

“We do. Do you have something in your mind?” was the collective question, booming back to me.

And my reply was positive. I had planned for an indefinite strike in my school. This was probably the first time someone had planned something like this (actually, not probably, but definitely). I was also hiding my personal revenge with this.

Some of the faces in front of me gave a ‘devil grin’. They asked, “Are you sure about this?”

“The first thing we do after coming to school is not open books, but carry musical instruments to the assembly stage after putting our bags down. The morning assembly in the school can’t happen properly without our assistance. It’s time we remind the school about this. Let’s see what happens when all of us don’t go.”

So, after saying that, I gave them the piece of paper and the pen. On the paper was written – All of the undersigned here will boycott the duties they have for the morning assembly until the principal hears our complaints and takes necessary actions for us. This is with immediate effect.

Everybody, including me, signed on the paper, except for three who were absent on that day. I thought that this will never be successful because nothing of this sort had happened before for such a purpose, until Friday came.

It was Friday, and I was seeing the results, astonished and proud.

What I saw was that all of us came, and they met me individually, but they didn’t go to perform their duties. Rather, they were among the majority. Those 3 students, who went to perform their duties, were rookies, so they didn’t know how to manage.

The whole school was shocked, really shocked. They were the witness of my, or rather the revenge of the ‘captain’. They weren’t ready for such a revolution.

What happened was that the school witnessed one of the most dull morning assemblies in its history. Everything was late: The start, the end, the bringing of the required instruments. Everything.

Amidst this chaos, there were a few faces that had a grin on their faces. I had the largest grin, for nobody knew that I was the instigator.

As expected from my plan, the principal summoned me. I realised that my plan had really worked. His face showed the concern. And, the bonus was that my English teacher was there. Uncanny as his intuition is, he already figured out that I was the one pulling the strings.

He asked why we had boycotted our duties. And this was the perfect moment, for me.

I took out the paper, showed it to the principal, and complained about my English teacher, in front of him. I spoke what I exactly had to (I kept my personal revenge aside here).

Imagine how he would have felt after this outburst, from our team.

Ironically, he had the first period in our class on that day. After the events in the morning assembly, I wasn’t dumb enough to figure out that I was in a big trouble. I mentally kicked and prepared myself.

A while after I came to my class, he entered. He had his full gaze on me during his walk into our class.

“Have you sent the written complaint to the principal?”

“Why would I do that? That wasn’t necessary” was my reply.

From that, our voices grew in volume. Both of us started arguing over things we didn’t even think of. On that day, everyone in my class was present, coincidentally.

At one point, I even made him and the entire class silent for some precious moments. Surely, my classmates weren’t ready for such a fiery class and such a wild argument.

But, you know… wildness rarely beats experience.

And, he threw, thrashed and crushed me, for real good. After all, he was an expert at language. His words finally made bring tears to my eyes. At that moment, I knew that I had got my revenge. I had brought a storm to the school.

Do you think this is over? Not at all! Read further. Some surprise left.

It was during the 4th period that he summoned me. By then most had known that I was pulling the strings. Ironically, almost most of them congratulated me for my feat, when what I expected was more humiliation.

I admit I was taken aback when I met him the third time on that day. He was smiling. And guess what he did?

He held my actions high!

And why was that? Because I was the second one to do something like that. (The first one had only walked out of his class midway. I had a more sinister feat!)

Later on, he told me the real reason.

“It is very important to stand up for what you feel to be right, no matter who stands before you. That’s when you start to clearly express yourselves. That’s when you start finding a place in this world.”

He ended with a warning though, as typical of the teachers. I had realised that my confidence had grown by leaps and bounds.

Shortly after, I revived my relation with my teacher. You may not believe it, but it is due to him that I have been able to decide that I would write this article. I also delivered the vote of thanks on the Teacher’s day, despite the fact that I stammer even now.

If you are thinking what happened to our strike, it was over the very next day. Our objectives were fulfilled on that Friday itself

Clearly, standing up against him gave me a unique power – The power to express myself, despite of my limits.

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