Catching up with Rashi Mal!

‘Gauri Laada’ of Paanch- Five Wrongs Makes a Right, ‘Anahita’ of Boygiri, ‘Saloni’ of Gulmohar Grand, ‘Pragati’ of #Letters, ‘Hot But Taken’ of A.I.B. Honest House Parties, ‘Kaya Das’ of Time Out, and not to forget, Buri Buri…..

But I came to know her as ‘Abigail’, of A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend.


Meet Rashi Mal – Actor, Singer, Dancer, Choreographer, Filmmaker, and much more. She isn’t just only beautiful; she has got the brains too – An IT Engineer by qualification.

And as busy as she is, it’s tough to catch up with her. That’s why it took this long for this interview to happen, which I intended to make happen in November 2017.

(Even I was busy. I too have my own schedules.)

Anyway, the interview is here for you to read. Enjoy, and Happy Bhogali Bihu!

Me: How would you introduce yourself in seven words? Seven words, no more than that!

Rashi: Believer in the Magic of the Universe.

Me: Which started first for you – Dance, Acting, or Singing? When and how did the first and the subsequent ones come?

Rashi: They all started around the same time but if I did have to put an order i’d say Singing did. As a kid when I was the family’s designated entertainer and the singing teacher’s favourite in school. Acting came next with school plays. The love for dance had to happen because well, Bollywood. πŸ˜„

Me: What was your reaction when you got your first big chance on the TV?

Rashi: I don’t think I ever thought of it that way. It was a natural and organic progression from everything that I was doing at the time. I was doing a lot of stage, travelling the country with a few productions. And I was performing with my dance company doing broadways musicals.

Me: Do you, by any chance, have a liking for motorcycles, or you love to pose with them? (Reference to that photo on Instagram)

Rashi: I learnt how to ride for my Role in the Chanel V mini series that I did. I had always wanted to learn and besides I did not want a body double to do my work for me. So everyday in between shots, I got one of my co actors to teach me how to ride on his bike.

Me: I have seen you sing, dance, act, and you recently started to learn martial arts. Any more fields you have tried out which I don’t know about?

Rashi: I also write songs (originals) and parodies (like the ones I wrote for Culture Machine). I have written a play and directed two. I did a summer program in film making and have made short films. My first short film won an international award. It was a competition organized by HP. Having said that acting is still my primary focus.

Me: When and why did Parody Song-writing and singing come to you?

Rashi: I wrote my first parody because of a real life situation.It was more for my own amusement and to blow off some steam. But other people responded to it very positively so I went ahead and did something about it 😊.

Me: I have been quietly observing that you like to keep changing your hairstyle. Which is your favourite so far? And which one are you yet to keep?

Rashi: Yeah, I love playing around with my hair. I love how a small change can transform your whole look. I used to have bright pink in my hair. I think I really enjoyed that a lot. I am not sure about what I am yet to try. Time will tell but I’ll think of something fun πŸ™‚

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