Evolution, no more for “Us”?

Are we now at the end of Evolution?WHAT DO YOU THINK? We all know that evolution is just the gradual genetic change, but over a very long period of time. It is something that the Universal Forces have always used to choose the best among all the rubble Nature has created. It has always been... Continue Reading →

Beatboxing with Otto Yeptho

Otto Yeptho is an uprising Beatboxer, hailing from Nagaland, India. Winner of the inaugural Nagaland Beatbox Championship, he has gone on to perform with other Indian and some Swedish beatboxers. He has also been the judge of several beatboxing competitions. We caught up to him to take his interview!

A Dream… Or was It?

Harshita Das, the one behind 'Chasing Stars Forever', is now debuting on AlphaWord 'Z' as an author. Her debut is the first horror story on this portal. Have a read!

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