The Elliptical Race Track Stadium

A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend- Arre Takes Girlfriends to the next level!

The Day, when I stood up Against my Teacher!

A letter, to My Juniors

The Big Leap!

The Real High – Arre’s Outdoor Calling

A First Diplomatically Candid Interview, with Varun Patel

A Letter to Michael Jackson, my First and Eternally favourite pop star.

The Joy of Death

An honest letter to Dhinchak Pooja

The Lipstick Blog: Social Taboos fucked, finally

Being Positive and Happy, is bad!

Indian Women’s Cricket Team: Current Idols of Societal Revolution


Youth’s Failure

The Speed Demon

Everything will be alright

Nature – Judge, Jury and Executioner

Chapter 1: Survival Shock!

Chapter 2: Unlikely Survivors


Chapter 3: That Sinister Voice

ज़िंदगी, अभी तुमने मुझे जाना ही कहाँ है!

Chapter 4: Enter the ‘Prodigy’

‘She’ and ‘He’

Lap of the Night

Soluchan: Irony of Today’s Society

A Gift from Heaven

Chapter 5: Some Secrets, Still Hidden

A Children’s Day Special: We don’t need to destroy Children!

An International Men’s Day Special

What do we need to and don’t need to learn in Mathematics

Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War: The War we have been waiting for

An Evening Lesson

A Certain Cliche Story

Catching Up with Rashi Mal


Valentine’s Letter to You

Chapter 6: Preparation on two Fronts

An Ode to Sridevi

It’s Board Exams Time!

A Hawking Poem

Chapter 7: Demonstration of Might

A Time Fantasy

A look into Arre’s Official Ceogiri

The Undertaker: The Backbone of WWE

A WTF Letter: Some Screws need to be Tigtened Up

কাৰ্বি আংলংৰ হত্যা – মোৰ আবেগিক লেখনী।

A Visit to Mathematical Proofs, and why I love Proof by Contradiction

SANJU – A Reaction ‘Review’ of an ‘Incomplete’ Masterpiece

My Answer to MensXP’s ‘Uncles Trying North Eastern Cuisine’

Chapter 8: Troubled TImes

Chapter 9, The Last Revolutionary, the Shadow Reaper

A Delicacy called Life

Why I admire Vajpayee despite not following Indian Politics

My first Horror Movie at a Movie Hall!

Why I am Late, a Blog for a Blog, the End of my Fan-Fiction, and a little News!

Chapter 10: The Four Way confrontation

The Festival of Lights

Is the #MeToo necessary in India?

Au Revoir, Le Grand K!


My Journey with the Basketball

Is ‘Zero’ the Story of ‘Weird’ People?

Chapter 11: The Crossroads Meeting

Chapter 12: The Whereabouts of Cyrus

The “Digital Ludo” Crisis

Evolution, no more for “Us”?

The Bloodstains of Chaos

A 2nd Canvass, ft. Rashi Mal

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