Love, a word that everybody knows, but nobody realises


2nd post.

Love is grand, love is pretty, love is more than anything and everything.

Love is a feeling that summarize everything in the world. It is the ‘word’ that can release stress and relaxes us. As it is said, “ Love is the best ever gift God can offer you”, its true. I would be glad if I can share my perception of ‘love’ with you all. (Don’t misunderstand me.)

Okay! Let’s see how far you all could get me. According to Wikipedia, Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection to the simplest pleasure and bla bla bla…(It’s complicated.) So, to put it in a nutshell, love is that state of emotion, which make us happy. But the matter of fact is that, it comprises a mixture of various emotions- like happiness, sadness, nostalgic feelings, anger, disgust, everything. Such a beautiful word it is!

Now-a-days, love is misinterpreted by the young generation. Some play using love as a tool. But it is not good for the society as well as for him/her. Love generates faith, faith generates belief. So, if love is misused, belief dies. And when belief dies, anger generates and when anger generates, war begins- may it be an armed war, cold war, civil war or mental war.

Love can be of many forms. The love of a mother and a son, the love for food, the love for a hobby, the love for watching or playing your favourite sport, etc. Although love is of many forms, the way of loving is the same; only the perception is different. Some people may say, the love between a mother and a son is different from that of a man and his wife. But I believe it should not.(What! Shit! Oh no!). Okay, the perception obviously should be different, but the way-NO. Between a lover and his beloved if the love gets as strong as that of a mother and a son, it would get perfect. Because, a thousand mistakes of a son is forgiven by a mother. But also, she teaches him to be better and not to repeat the mistake in the future. Many fights can be drawn between them, but the relationship never ends, it never breaks. (It’s my perspective. Don’t worry, you can take it otherwise.)

A perfect relationship is not only that relationship which encompasses only smile and happiness. It also include fights, misdeeds, sadness, anger, etc. Because, to avoid fights, anger, the perspective of one person should coincide to the perspective of the opposite. But it’s impossible as two different person possesses different ideas, different logic.

Love never ends. It’s true. If your love is true, you will never get bored of that thing/person. A person who loves to play cricket; a thousand sentences against cricket should not shake hours love towards the same. A person who loves a singer; a thousand words against the singer- the person will find at least one sentence to defend him. The love bond should be strong.( Yo! I see it)

But when love arises, hatred arises simultaneously. But we should not allow hatred to dominate love.

Love means understanding. If you don’t understand a subject, do you love it? Understanding one another in a relationship is the supreme and the foremost duty of both the persons.

Love means sacrifice. One should sacrifice a few things if required for the sake of their beloved ones. Sacrifice can make the relationship even better. For his love towards cricket, M.S. Dhoni sacrificed his study, and see cricket loved him too.

Love doesn’t mean blind faith. One should not blindly faith/believe the other one as he/she may be wrong. Blind faith leads to social chaos and disturbances. One should point out his beloved’s negative side and they to improve her/his negatives and finally making them positive.

Okay, I spoke a lot. So here I wind up. If you agree with the above please comment below and if you are not convinced, you can write why I am not right on that matter. As you all know, I am open for criticism.

Love means that you accept a person with all their FAILURES, STUPIDITIES, UGLY POINTS and nonetheless you see PERFECTION in IMPERFECTION itself.

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