Eve’s Breakup


11th post. 4th poem.

It seems it’s never a part of his life

Every time its falls

This time he gave his all

But when time goes she changed

She said, “I feel you played a part of my life”…

He never understood these lines

Because he never realised he did it

His hear broke into pieces

And the wound in his heart will never be heal

He said, “I never do anything, all I did is to gave her all I have”

But for her with a heart of rock

Ignore him and turn away

She seem to have no feeling

She cut him off

With love, he asked foe a second chance

He is ready to fight with any evil

Of what he called

For he does not understand why

She said, “A second chance won’t work”

Tears fall off, they’re like diamonds of love

And his heart of a man form

And he falls to the planet of Kings

To fight with no fears and win

He said, “women are like eve, they temp but later they blame”

For he never started the bond between them but she does, now she ditch with no gods feeling…

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