A 2nd Canvass, ft. Rashi Mal

The woman who can punch my lights out, is back, and she’s currently doing A LOT of things!

After a year, I am once more catching up with (what I should call, my celebrity crush?) Rashi Mal. Here’s her 2nd interview.

Me: What’s the story behind your ‘Rashi’s Travelgrams’ ?
Rashi: Well, anyone who knows me, knows that I love to travel and I have been contemplating sharing that for a while. So this is me finally getting around to do it.

Click on this photo to see her newest adventure on Instagram!

Me: How has it been working with Ayan Mukerji for your new movie, Brahmastra?
Rashi: It has been brilliant. He is a great guy and it has been super fun working with the whole team. Also, a great learning experience to be working with some of the best names in the country.

Me: I watched your TED-X Talk recently; the one thing that struck chords the most was when you spoke about your past. It’s not about the past, but the way you have spoken about it on different platforms that has made me admire you more. Now that I think about it, I realize that there are certain incidents in our lives, good or bad, that we go on to share with people much later.
My question is, is there one more incident in your life that you haven’t shared so far and you can share with me and your fans to inspire us, now?

Rashi: I am a very private person and I share things only when I am ready to. Even doing that TED talk really took a lot because I had to make decisions to put all that personal information out there. However, I knew that the reason I was able to come out of a lot of things was because I heard other people’s stories of turnng their adversities into triumphs and that greatly helped me. So I did it, in the hope that at least one person would come out feeling like they were not alone in this and that there was hope. So currently, nothing new to add there.
For those who haven’t seen the TED talk yet, go watch it!

Click here to watch her TED talk!

Me: You now have done both rollerskating and snowboarding. Can you share a little bit about the experiences of your first attempts in both?
Rashi: I used to rollerskate as a kid a lot, so that wasn’t new to me. I remember my mom taking great pains to teach me how to skate. She used to stand there with me and guide each step. Snowboarding was totally new though and I spent a large part of my time falling down and dragging myself around like a crab. But I loved every second of it! I think I have found my thing on snow.

Me: If you are allowed to have any one superpower, or develop one, what would that be and why would that be? What will be your superhero codename then?
Rashi: Teleportation; what I wouldn’t give to be able to go from one place to another instantly? Life would be a lot easier and so would travel. No more Visa applications! The name is a tough one… Agent Beam or Agent Blink. Let’s call that name a work in progress though.

Me: As we agreed upon, the last question: What’s your current catchphrase?
It’s from this woman, by the name of Marisa Peer,

Marisa Peer

who has come up with something called Rapid Transformational Therapy and talks about how the source of all our problems is the belief that we are not enough… not good enough, not smart enough, not deserving enough to get everything we want in life. So she suggests telling yourself everyday that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Sometimes these small things can really change your life.

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