Black Mirror-Bandersnatch: I played a Game in the Movie!

I don’t know how to start, as it is my first time to walk on this platform.

At first, I was totally unaware of the series “Black Mirror” until my elder brother spoke about the same to me. I was told that this is a series that is set in the near future and explores the effects of technology, good and bad. It gears us up to think about the society and technology.

Although, Bandersnatch is a part of the series “Black Mirror” ,it is made as a film and not as an episode. It is the first interactive film, or as you may later find out, it is a real movie game (LOL) produced by Netflix. As such, it gave me a great thrill to me (it’s actually crazy!). It is a choose-your-own-adventure type film/game (well, I say it). It is a thought-provoking psychological film which depends upon the viewer who watch it. (SPOILER ALERT!).

It begins with Stephen, the main protagonist, who wants to make a game named “Bandersnatch”. Based on the book named by the same title from Jerome F. Davies, Stephen is portrayed as an unstable depressed game lover and a great fan of Colin Ritman, another game producer. The film is set in the mid 1990’s. Ultimately, the film is for the game-lovers. (So PUBG players, what are you waiting for!)

So, it’s time to pick up your controller and set yourself to start the adventure. There are a number of pathways, like a maze (don’t get trapped), that gave me the interest as well as thrill to the film. The film advances with the pathway we choose. I think it is a revolutionary concept that got into life through the film. For commercial purpose, the film gave a great impact.

Now, if you are a kind of person who doesn’t like to watch a film for a long time, then sorry, this film is not for you. Most of the pathways, and I think, all of the pathways are dark. You have to think to choose it carefully.

The most interesting part of the movie is that the more you think, the more sinister the outcome is. You can get confused at the first time; I felt the same. But if you go deeper, it gives us an important message of how the society and we depend on each other and how the latter affects the earlier and vice-versa.

To speak about the cast of the film, Fionn Whitehead (Stephan Butler), the protagonist, played a quality role. Wil Poulter (Colin Ritman) played an important role as a dialogue of him defines the whole film in one way round. Actors like Craig Parkinson (Peter Butler/ Stephan’s dad), Alice Lowe (Dr. Haynes/ Stephan’s doctor), and Asim Chaudhry (Mohan Thakur / Owner of the Tuckersoft gaming company) played an important role too.

SPOILER ALERT! Read on your own precaution.

Killing your Dad! And that also twice! What the fuck! It really gives a damn shock. And the part:

“I am watching you on Netflix.
I make decisions for you.”

Holy shit! What’s going on? I just got a big blow. That’s something that made me grow love for the film. And believe me, there are a lot of the same in the movie.

It was trippy, scary. I feel like “Oh shit! What the fuck I have chosen. I should have chosen the other way.” And believe me once more, no pathway will satisfy you. The ending… oh wait, the endings are not so happy ones. They will disappoint you in one way or in other way round. And it is the style of the series “Black Mirror”. The part of choosing password to the daddy’s box is worth watching. Different passwords lead to different endings.

At last, give a big wow to the movie. It is really an interesting film and I personally, recommend each and everyone, especially the game lovers to watch it. Many of the critics have found the movie repetitive, boring, and many more. But it’s really good. Although it is repetitive, it gives us a cinematic gaming experience. Hats off to David Slade (Director), Lewis Carrol (Writer) to present us such a film,. If I were to rate the movie, I will rate it 8.7 out of 10.

So, this is my review. Please do watch the film and I am always open for criticism.

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