Stree: The Horror Comedy I would scare ‘Nuns’ with

The first thing I heard about this movie was that it was releasing around the same time as Nun’s release. As a big Conjuring fan, my excitement for Nun had completely palled over Stree, so much so that I hadn’t even bothered to.

Couple days back, however, I had the opportunity to watch it. When I was finally done watching it, I was left craving for more; I liked it that much! What follows is my views on this movie. I have tried my best to not let anything of importance slip. However, to be on the safer side, spoiler alert!

Now, it doesn’t really have that many jump scares but it has something much better – a good storyline with actors who know what they are doing.

Original Cover Art by Hrishikesh Bharali for this write-up.

Based on the original legend of ‘Nale Ba’ that sprouted from the streets of Banglore, Stree is a horror comedy set in the town of Chanderi. The choice is commendable; the accent and the superstitions around the place add their own bit to the movie’s humor. The movie has Rajkumar Rao in the role of a proficient ladies tailor and is famously known as ‘Chanderi’s Manish Malhotra; he is that good. (I mean, what more can you say about a tailor that doesn’t need a measuring tape to take measurements? Watch the movie to see how he actually does it.)

Shraddha Kapoor is the lead female in the movie playing the role of… not gonna tell ya!

The supporting actors have equally proved themselves to be the life of the entire movie. Like I said before, they all knew what they were doing and were doing it perfectly.

What I loved most is how they portray the antagonist. They show something we all fear, an embodiment of evil and clearly fictitious and yet, use it to deliver the message that circumstances are what changes a person, makes us what we are or turn out to be.

Finally, I’d say that if you are looking to pass your time and get some laughs and light spooks out of it, this one’s it. If you have already watched it, let me know if I did justice to it.

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