Evolution, no more for “Us”?

Are we now at the end of Evolution?


We all know that evolution is just the gradual genetic change, but over a very long period of time. It is something that the Universal Forces have always used to choose the best among all the rubble Nature has created. It has always been a fascination to me as to how evolution has changed the course of life itself, from the simplest microorganisms to the most complex predators and prey living today. Some got the fangs that could crack even the bones, while some got camouflage which is what practically inspired the power of invisibility. And still, some got poison which could kill anyone in mere moments, while some got webs that operate at the molecular levels. It’s no wonder that we can’t fathom completely about Nature and Evolution’s wildest creations.

I was in awe of this event until my mind came across this thought. And damn, it struck all of my chords!

Even though we see different kinds of organisms having and doing all these incredible things, the one and perhaps the only thing that connects all of them is the fact that they cannot comprehend what an other organism is doing. The way I see it, they are always trying, only to survive and continue their kind in the form of next generations.

Omnis cellula e cellula

Latin. Rudolf Virchow. Cell theory.

But humans? They have a hell lot more than that!

Trust yourself.

They have built empires, constructed indestructible monuments, written poems, drawn maps and there’s still so much to say of what we have accomplished! Just be honest with yourself; can any other species read with this sophistication as you are currently right now? No. Heck, we are studying the nature around us, the planet in which we live, the galaxy which hold us and the universe of which we are such a tiny part of.

Now that I am writing this, I remember that some years ago, my Biology teacher told me that if we do a reality check of where we are on the basis of survival instincts, we see that we are lagging way behind. We humans perhaps suffer from the most number of diseases till date. We do not have any biological weapon, and the best we have done is produce more of us, and that is still outnumbered by the number of all insects! He further said that what is actually keeping us in the race is something that no other species has right now: The Use of Information.

I am willing to say that what I boldfaced is exactly what has pushed us out of what I call as “Evolution Vortex”. There is no other species on this planet which has the gall and the means to control everything it sees. Not only that, we actually have been trying to get a grip on the matter beyond the planetary nowadays! Think about it: We are aiming to become a multi-planet species and trying to simultaneously find whether we are the only living beings who can comprehend information. Just on our planet, since we can comprehend information, we can come up with solutions to our problems, almost instantly!

The point I am trying to say that we now do not have to undergo the process of trial and error by ourselves. Do you know how much time that saves? Millions of years!

It may be a bit overstretching to say, but the way we have been evolving, we now may essentially be a second force of nature.

Funny how I use the word 'Evolve' again! 

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