The “Digital Ludo” Crisis

Currently, I am enjoying my vacation. Every now and then, I go on long-distance walks, normally being at least of 5 kilometers. I have a lot of work to do all day, so that’s something I consider as my “me time”. I see people and I observe things during my walks. I also have some occasional street food on my way.

But, my last walk brought me sadness. I saw something that I never should have. Actually, I never gave thought to it, until recently. When I thought about it, I realized how the times had flown by.

I realized about the growing presence of digital ludo.

What exactly irked me wasn’t the app itself, but the faces that were playing it. It was as if their faces seemed old despite being quite young. Seeing their faces, I remembered the days when I last played Ludo. Trust me, that time was the last I saw someone’s face full of excitement while playing it.

Now that I remember that day, I can still get back to the memories of all those days when I played Ludo. I remember all those ways in which I tried to shuffle to dice to get the result I wanted and all those chants and supposed curses to let others be in playful doom. I remember how fun I have while sending back an opponent’s token to its base and doing it slowly with an evil smile. Right now, as you are reading this, you can believe that I am thinking of all those moments and smiling like a devil.

The thing that saddens me more is the thought that with the growing use of electronic media, we might lose out on the actual board game, which by the way, if happens, will mark the dawn of the supremacy of electronic games and the end of the era of board games.

Board games won’t have that excitement anymore, is what my concern is.

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