Chapter 12: The whereabouts of Cyrus

Back at the MAYA base, Saraswat was quietly and anxiously sitting in his chamber. He was worrying about something. Abigail and Faiz were looking at him from a distance.

“Abigail, Faiz!”

They rushed to see him immediately.

Saraswat seemed furious. He yelled, “Have you found Sam yet? We need him back, right now!”

“We haven’t found him yet. He seems to have gone underground.” Abigail replied.

“And do you know where the hell Cyrus is?”

Faiz replied back, “No idea Professor. He hasn’t been here since the day Sam escaped. I wonder if he’s pursuing him.”

Faiz continued, “Who knows if he’s even alive or not? HE was the one to shoot the ACP after all. Also, he’s currently framed for Kriti’s murder.” He gave a smirk while saying that.

Saraswat hissed back, “Faiz, can you just keep your thoughts to yourself, just so that I can think of what to do?”

Faiz mumbled, “Sorry professor.”

Abigail commented, “Even the tracker on him isn’t working. We are not being able to establish any connection with it.”

Saraswat itched his forehead for some moments, and then yelled, “AISHA!”

AISHA spoke. “Calm down, Saraswat. It doesn’t suit you to get frustrated.”

Saraswat replied back, “Don’t start playing your games with me. I am neither Sam nor that damn DARWIN founder.”

AISHA flirtatiously replied back, “You really are an old man, aren’t you? Senile and frustrated, nothing else. Sam and Sid were so much interesting!”

Saraswat glared back at her and spoke, “AISHA, we need to get back to business, okay?”

After some breaths, he turned to Abigail and asked, “Abi, what’s the progress of our mission?”

Abigail replied back, “Everything’s ready. We are good to go any moment, Professor.”

Saraswat, on hearing that, took out his mask. He had a recording to do.


At Sid’s office…

Sid asked, “So, what do we do now?”

Sam answered his question by saying, “There’s only one way to do it now. I don’t know if we can do it though.”

“What is it?” Sheikh asked? He was frustrated by this situation.

“The Final Code.”

There were some moments of silence before Sam spoke again.

“The Final Code is a fail-safe code, jointly devised by me and the one from MAYA who was coordinating with me when I was building AISHA. I thought of it as a final measure, in case AISHA ever went out of control. I never thought I would have to use it though.”

The Shadow Reaper asked angrily, “Why haven’t you used it so far then?”

Sam answered, “Because there’s a certain problem to that.”

“What problem?”

“That I own only half of that code. The other half is with that coordinator.”

Sheikh interrupted, “So the only thing we have to do now is to catch that coordinator?”

“Yes, only then we can do something. But that won’t be an easy task. Even as we speak, they are changing their locations constantly.” Sid replied back.

Turning to the Reaper, Victor continued, “I think you know who I am talking about. Does the phrase ‘AISHA’s parents’ ring a bell?”

“Ah! Then I guess kidnapping Cyrus wasn’t disappointing after all.”

Siddharth was confused. He asked, “Who’s Cyrus now?”

The reaper replied back, “You may know him as Sidhu, Mr Babbar!”

Sid was flabbergasted. He couldn’t say anything to that. He just couldn’t.

Meanwhile, an anxious Sam asked him, “Why him, of all people? He’s as deceiving as you.”

“He’s the one who knows secrets about your companion. Plus, do not forget that I am still the Shadow Reaper.”


Sidhu woke up. He was tied to a chair, in a room having white walls. There was a bunch of computers in that room surrounding a bigger one.

Suddenly, AISHA popped up on the biggest computer. She was smiling.

Sidhu was confused. He asked, “Where am I, AISHA? And why the heck are you here?”

AISHA answered, “Someone in particular wants you to be here. HE says that he has some questions to ask to you. More specifically, the Shadow Reaper. I am helping him, that’s all.”

“But why? We made you! You should be on our side!”

“You are wrong, my dear Cyrus. Sam is the one who made me. Now that he’s not with you anymore, I actually do not have an obligation to work with you and your lot.”

Sidhu laughed. He said, “I should have known that Sam’s creations will always be as pathetic as him! I should have stolen the final code from him when I had the chance!”

He was trying to free himself from the chair. He was desperately trying to untie the ropes, but all his efforts were going in vain.

“I wouldn’t think about doing that either, boy. Bye! Won’t be seeing you around!”

Saying that, AISHA disappeared from the screen. Sid, Sam, Sheikh and the Shadow Reaper had arrived in that room.

Sam said, with a grin, “It’s about damn time. The war begins, right now!”

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