Chapter 11: The Crossroads Meeting

It was a silent bullet, piercing through the right leg of the Shadow Reaper. There was only a gush of the speeding air as the bullet came out of a silencer. None of the trio of him, Siddharth and Sheikh could have anticipated the bullet, let alone to see the what was coming after that.

Sam had found their location, armed with a gun.

He had bruises all over his body, and it seemed that he hadn’t cleaned himself up for several days. He was looking filthy.

There was an utter silence between the four, until Sam broke the silence.

He started to murmur, “Sam, you really back, huh? I never thought you could.” He stopped for some moments and screamed, “But I think I had kicked you OUT of my office. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!”

Thus saying, he charged towards Sam. But Victor was ready for him this time. He fired a bullet at his left leg. He was not hesitant this time. He seemed to know the risk he was taking this time. He had already taken down the two of them in a few moments. He then pointed his gun at the ACP.

Sam spoke, “Officer, I tried to not come here to shoot people.” Turning his gaze at the Shadow Reaper, he continued, “But, his presence is trouble. You don’t know what his motives are. He could be tricking us all right now.”

Sheikh crackled, “I could shoot the brains out of your head right now, but I guess I will pass. These two were irritating me so much that if you hadn’t, I would have shot both of them dead right now. Also, for your relief, we know who this guy really is.”

Sam gave a negative smirk.

He continued, “I guess that you already know what he’s up to. By the way, this is something I would have said sooner, but now I really don’t care whether or not I killed Kriti. And yet, I say that I didn’t kill her.”

Sheikh reciprocated, “I know now that you didn’t kill her. We got some… evidence in your favor.”

“Oh really? That escalated quickly.”

Siddharth interrupted, “ACP, care to call the doc for a second? We are bleeding for your kind information here!”

Even the Shadow Reaper raised concerns over his injury. His face was explicitly telling that he was not at all happy on seeing Sam.

Sheikh pointed out to a man standing behind Sid, and replied back, “There he is, your doctor!” It was the same doctor. He had come for Mariyam’s regular check-up. And he was shocked.

“Oh my God, what the fuck just happened here! Do you ever think that you should not fight where a patient is facing a probable death? Let me help here.” With a further disgust, he continued to say, “After all, I am a doctor. I can’t just fear the gun.”

Both Sid and the Reaper cast their extremely angry eyes at him. He responded back with a ‘what?’ gesture.

Sheikh thought in his mind, “Oh my, what did I do in my life to get here, among a bunch of hopeless idiots? Thank God, Daya is not here at all.”

The doctor tended to the wounds of the injured man and boy after they sat on the sofa. The atmosphere started to get serious after the doctor left, following the completion of his work.

The four men gazed at each other. It was as if they could kill each other in the very next moment. Blood had been spilled between all of them.

This time, Sam was the first to speak, “Tell me, Shadow Reaper, what are you really up to?”

Sid interrupted the young man before he could reply, “That, is not your concern. The only thing you should be knowing right now is that all of us want to kill AISHA. How did YOU escape anyway?”

“I had a certain traitor to help me escape.”

All the others gave an anxious gaze at him.

He continued, “That’s the only thing you need to know right now. Don’t forget that AISHA is right now working with MAYA. She’s stronger than ever and MAYA is working to use her in their objectives. As you may already know, their next target is…”

“Palo Alto Networks. But that’s not the only thing.” the Shadow Reaper inserted himself in the conversation, saying that.

“Oh no, not again!” muttered Sam.

The Shadow Reaper turned his face towards Sid and asked him, “Tell me, Mr Babbar, just what exactly did you do to her?”

“What did I do to her? What do you mean? She asked just for a particular software and forced me to give it to her. It cost me ten thousand dollars, nonetheless!”

Sid opened up a certain screenshot saved in his phone.

“Here, have a look. This is the software she wanted to have.”

The Shadow Reaper and Sam saw the screenshot. Sam’s face turned pale, which led him to banging his fist on the sofa. He was getting restless.

He yelled at Siddharth, “Do you really know what you did? Did you ever think about what exactly she was demanding from you?”

Sid glared back at him and replied, “You tell me. You have had the first-hand experience with her recently.”

Sam yelled at him again, “You business-minded idiot, you gave her the key to remove her neural destruction code! That was our last ray of hope of destroying her by ourselves!”

The Shadow Reaper smacked his head.

“Seriously Sam? Only that? I believed you to be a tad bit smarter!”

Sam continued, “With this happening, she can do literally whatever she wants now. No one’s safe, NO ONE!”

The Shadow Reaper, however was calm in that moment. He spoke, “I know Sam. You are hiding something more, aren’t you?”

Sam spoke in disgust, “I just didn’t want to resort to that way. That’s it.”

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