Beatboxing with Otto Yeptho

I and our head writer, Eshan, caught up with the winner of the inaugural Nagaland Beatbox Championship, Otto Yeptho, and tried some beatboxing. Here’s the interview! 

Me: Introduce yourself.
Otto: My name is Otto Yeptho. That should be enough, I guess.

Eshan: Any plans of collaboration with beatboxers outside India in motion right now?
Otto: Uh well, no one currently outside India. However, there are guys from Bengaluru with whom I am planning to work.

Eshan: When did you start beatboxing?
Otto: Mid-2016, to be honest.

Eshan: Any fellow beatboxer you look up to?
Otto: Zer0 from Azerbaijan.

Eshan: Your ideal beatboxer right now?
Otto: H-has from South Korea.

Eshan: What, do you think, makes Beatboxing a path worthy of pursuing?
Otto: You tend to discover a really rich hobby that keeps you well satisfied.

Me: What do you love the most about beatboxing?
Otto: I would say, the friends you make and the journey of learning all the styles of beatboxing.

Me: Do you think that Beatboxing has the potential in the present or the future to be included as a major league player in the music industry?
Otto: Beatboxing, by itself, basically has reached its full potential, which is good for battles at best right now. But with supplementary devices like IE and loop stations, beatboxers can achieve higher levels of entertainment and economic growth.

Me: Your best moment in beatboxing till now is?
Otto: Winning the first Nagaland Beatbox Championship and beating the guys who taught me beatboxing in the first place!

Me: What kind of genre do you mostly like to do?
Otto: I prefer to learn a bit of everything, but I usually tend to do more of the technical patterns.

Eshan: What, according to you, must never be done in beatboxing?
Otto: Overdoing vocal techniques, as it can cause a sore throat.

Me: Would you give us a tip on how to start beatboxing?
Otto: There are a ton of YouTube tutorials out there. I suggest that you search them up and watch the ones with the highest number of views. Also, perseverance is key.

Me: Last, but not the least: What is it that you want to tell to our readers about beatboxing?
Otto: Beatboxing to non-practitioners may seem really nice or gimmicky, ans sometimes stupid, but once you get into it, it’s a entirely different ordeal. Challenges are set, self-entertainment is obtained, and best of all, it costs nothing!

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