A Dream… Or was It?


1st post. 1st Short Fiction, Horror.


I was running through a deep dark forest. The only sounds I could hear were my footsteps on the dead leaves and the hoot of an owl.

I was lost. What was I doing there? Why was I lost?

Suddenly, a very bright white light forced me to shut my eyes close. There was a sharp pain in my forehead and then I blacked out. The hooting of the owl muted. The forest was no more visible. I didn’t know where I was, what was happening. The feeling of my heart pounding was the only sign for me to know that I was still alive.

Somewhere, I felt like I heard a murmur coming from miles away. As if many people gathered together and were murmuring something. I couldn’t catch a word. Just three seconds later, I felt an unbearably painful shock on my left wrist, around where my pulse-rate was dangerously high.

I tried my best to open my eyes but I couldn’t!

After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally able to open them. But I could only take a tiny peek so I wasn’t sure of what I saw. I caught a glance of some strange dark figures murmuring. Those figures were anything but human. Their voices were evident enough to prove they were not people. I could see for myself what I was looking at, but only if I could open my eyes wide enough! I didn’t give up. I was trying harder to see when one of those inhuman figures lifted something and BANG! I blacked out again. My vision was too blurred for me to trust whatever I saw.

The next thing I remember is that, I was lying on my bed, sweaty and dishevelled. The blanket was thrown off to the far-off corner and the pain still persisted in my forehead.

A dream! It was all a dream! Every single bit of it!

I sat on top of my pillow and laughed at myself. Maybe I just had a bad day and my head was playing tricks on me. I couldn’t sleep anymore so I walked off into the kitchen and poured myself a glass of water. It was a terrible dream, I thought. Those dark inhuman figures, the murmuring, the excruciating pain, all of it felt so real that it scared me for a while. But I was much relieved now.

Just when I gulped down the glass of water, I noticed a white cloth firmly tied to my left wrist. That caught me off- guard again because I never tied anything to my hands. Confused and exhausted, I started to unravel the cloth. I couldn’t believe what I saw at the end of it. I screamed, shouted and hit my own head with my fist yelling, “Wake up! Wake up! You’re sleeping too much! Wake up!” But nothing changed. It was a nightmare! A whole part of my left wrist was missing! There were traces of blood stains on my left forearm but the area above it near my wrist was gone! It just wasn’t there. I couldn’t imagine something more terrifying. I pinched myself and hit again, trying to wake myself up and hoping that I would actually wake up on my bed this time and everything would be the same as the previous day.

But still, nothing changed.

It’s been six years now, since this incident happened. I visited a doctor and recovered my wrist back to normal. The doctor remarked that it was rather a complicated surgery but I was lucky to survive. Now my wrist is good as new.

Though I’ve erased the marks that the surgery left, I’ve never been able to erase those memories. Someone blacked me out, someone kidnapped me and someone stole a quarter pound of skin and flesh from my body.

Life could never be more mysterious than what happened that night – those dark inhuman figures? Plus, the missing forty-five minutes of my life where I didn’t know where I was…

What do you think happened?

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      1. I’ll make sure you’re the first one to read the rest of my writings from now onwards. \( ̄


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