My Journey with the Basketball!

Basketball has always been a fascination for me.

My journey with Basketball began when I was in the 7th standard (in 2010, that is), when I was formally introduced to it. I don’t remember why I wanted to learn Basketball. Maybe it was because I had heard that playing Basketball at a small age helps in gaining more height.

Yup, I love to pose with the basketball. Who doesn’t?

I still remember the days of what I considered to be torture at that time. Each day, I would reach at the court around 3 o’ clock in the afternoon, straight from school, and go through a sequence of drills; that would take me roughly two and a half hours. I would get so hungry that I could eat food worth 2 dinners and still be hungry for a snack meal before I could crawl to my bed. I could sleep with a snoring nose though.

Day after day, I went in, went out, and slowly I showed signs of improvement. I still remember that I initially bragged about what I learned in front of my classmates. I was at a certain time, nicknamed, ‘One-Man Army’, for playing too much solo during all those childish matches. During my school days, I had to wear only my school uniform and wasn’t allowed to wear any other comfortable cloth.

Anyway, I somehow managed to build my school team, or should I say, my class team. On the other side, my training stopped after a mere 5 months. I found out that no one else was coming due to tournaments and exams. I tried not to give up, but being at puberty, I was fed up in 15 days of coming to practice, alone. Henceforth, whatever Basketball I did, it was during school hours. Yet I always tried to improve, whenever I got the chance to.

Time flew by, and I reached 9th standard. Things took quite the dramatic turn from here onward.

Seeing my improvement and my attitude (possibly), I was selected to represent my school at the Cluster level KV Basketball tournament. I was so ecstatic that I committed a small mistake, which became so big that it led me to 5 years of separation from Basketball. I had to detach myself from it because I was not getting any chance to play, at all. It was only in 2017 that I got the slim chance to get back at it again, that too in the most unexpected way I could ever hope to.

2017 was my second year of entrance exam preparations. My roommate was getting invisible on random mornings and this caught my attention at a later point. At the beginning, I just thought that he was going for long morning jogs. But I started my suspicions when a photo of a boy from the same paying guest I was in caught my eye. That boy was my roommate’s classmate and his photo was on the Basketball court. Only on further investigation I found out the truth about them playing Basketball on all those random mornings.

I just did what was expected. I made them drag me back to the dear court.

That was it; I had got the chance to redeem myself. But getting back was no east task. I was walking almost six kilometers every time just to reach the court in the morning, and that was something my body was shouting not to do. It seemed pointless at a time, but my rekindled love for the sport was not allowing me to do so. Below are some moments from that time.

Yet, the best improvement that I have made till now has been after I got into Tezpur University. I have had the facility of going to the court everyday at a comfortable time, that too for as long I could. It was July 29 this year when I started playing Basketball seriously, once again. I did spend almost every day evening of my first semester on the court. I have slowly started to improve again. I hope that I will make more progress and get recognized as a better basketball player by the end of the next semester.

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