There’s a Reason behind every Bottle

Hey there, all my readers!

It has been a long time since I wrote something. I apologize to all of you to make you wait for this long. I hope you all can understand. I still have to deal with my studies and exams. I will facing the big exams from next March. Consider this blog to be the last blog from my side, until I am done with my exams. I cannot tell you right now when the next one will be coming up.

This time, this blog resembles in some ways, my earlier blog, For Everything that happens, there lies a Reason Behind. I came up with this topic because I just realized why most of us teenagers ruin our lives. Most of us turn out to be drug abusers and alcoholics. We always deny and dislike these kind of people. They are totally being isolated by their families and the society itself. Yet, we never try to understand what makes them do all that stuff. 

As I had delved into the theme of my earlier blog, do you, or have you ever tried to imagine what’s the reason? Do you ever try to ask them about the story of their lives before discriminating them on the basis of their actions? If you don’t I can give you an answer which most of them  suffer from. Around 70% of them ruin their lives because of that reason. 

The reason is two words: LOVE, and after love, BETRAYAL.

This combo ruins the life of all teenagers. Some of them even commit suicide; some, because they fear death, they try to find peace and relief from all their pain using all that stuff. They at least find peace and pleasure when they take all those things, for they can’t bear all pain in them. 

When I say love, I don’t mean only girlfriend or boyfriend. I also mean a brother, a father, a mother and whomever you are close to. And when that person betrays you, there is nothing which actually surpasses that pain. 

Most of them are weak and the pain within is so strong that the only way for them, as they see, to be free from it, is to get drunk and addicted. 

It’s worse when no one is going for them and when all are against them. This is the other worse thing that gives more pain an makes their life deteriorate even more. 

My dear readers, if any of your friends of family members or any one has this weakness in them, it should, it must be a moral responsibility to go and at least, ask them if they are fine or not. They need you. Try to talk with them. Tell them to share all of what they are holding inside, so that the pain in them comes out. Advise them and teach them. 

But remember, it is never an easy task. You have to be patient.   

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      1. Amiable thought but some errors are there … your writings ….improve it and you will be perfect ….since your readers are reading … should not give any chance of criticism


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