The First Family of Marvel Comics mourns

as the days pass, in a Strange silence.

The Thunderer and the Strongest Human will stop their clash,

when they pause for a moment to ponder on the airing whispers.

The Daredevil will, for a moment, cower in fear

as his radar sense cannot find him now. 

And the Doctor will see his hands shaking, not from his injuries

but from the shock of his absence.

Spider-Man will re-learn his responsibility, yet again.

The Genius-Playboy-Billionaire-Philanthropist will find his knowledge and wealth, pointless.

The King will freeze, once again.

The Mutants will lose their ideals, for the moment.

Now that we won’t see Stan’s Cameos again

We will see that his ‘Excelsior!’ lives on in all of them!

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