A final Letter to Stan Lee

Dear Stan Lee,

I write this letter knowing that you are no more in this world. Yet, I am somehow wishing that my words and emotions are able to reach you, even though I can’t express my grief and emotional shock when I heard the news of your demise. 

I write this letter on behalf of all comic book fans whose lives you brightened up through your amazing creations. Words of any form cannot express the sadness of your departure as you leave this home for your eternal home in the universe. We knew that this day would come; we knew it all along, yet we didn’t want to think about it. We always hoped that you could live with us forever in flesh. We hoped to see more of your amazing cameos. 

But alas, that’s not what the powers that be decided. 

You are the one above all, you are the one who created the heroes we so much love. You created them; but for all of us, you are the real hero! We hope and we know that the beacon you have lit will burn on forever. There can be no replacement for you, at least not for me, even amidst the DC-Marvel fan rivalry. There has always been one person who has held us, and that person is you, our Excelsior! We hoped to see more  of your cameos in the movies, but now we cannot. We all will miss the way you surprised us with the unorthodox and unexpected cameos. Your cameo in the ‘Teen Titans’ itself shows what a great person you are. May your legacy with the ethos last till the end of mankind.

I have so much more to say, yet words aren’t enough to express the pain and anguish of losing you. As you being your next journey, may Valhalla look kindly upon you and may you live among the greatest heroes of mankind. With this, I rest my fingers and pay my humble and utmost homage to the ‘One Above All’.

Hail Excelsior! 

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