Is the #MeToo necessary in India?

This year’s Autumn in India has been marked by the #MeToo movement. It has had a great effect as a lot of women have gathered the courage to speak up about the torture they have gone through for a long time. It sure has sparked a lot of controversy. It has been successful in bringing out the hypocrisy of the so-called ‘good’ men. I cannot tell who’s right and who’s not, but I am happy for the fact that women are speaking up and they are being listened to.

But with all this excitement and game of truth and lies going on, we need to address a critical aspect of this movement:


If you look around your surroundings, you will find that a lot in our society is dominant and oppressing on woman. For example, it was Sita who was tormented in the Ramayana and it was Draupadi who got five husbands in the Mahabharata. Think about it; did Sita deserve that torture, or did Draupadi deserve to be fated like that?

NO, HELL NO. Correct me if I am wrong, but most of us associate Draupadi with the atrocities done on her and not the other cool facts.

Perhaps, I can strengthen my argument by stating this: almost all of us haven’t been able to escape at least a single movie or a story which has a damsel in distress being saved by a strong man. Sure, the type of damsel in distress may have changed, but it is still the male protagonist who saves the day. There are very rare movies with a female protagonists, even today, when we are talking about women empowerment and radical ideals and equal opportunities.

The biggest problem that I see in front of this good movement is of its effect in places where social media isn’t able to influence on a good scale. If you could just go to the outskirts of your town or city, or better, a village, you will be overwhelmed with too many #MeToo stories which never came out. Sure, having celebrity women speak out does make a difference, but does it seep down to the grassroots?


In countries like India, where male dominance is present overwhelmingly and where the newspaper brings a sexual harassment up every single day, do we actually need a #MeToo to realize that sexual harassment is happening everywhere?


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