Chapter 10: The Four-Way Confrontation!

There was a depressing silence.

The Shadow Reaper had spoken about his past. It seemed that none of them were digesting of what exactly had happened. The young man had never thought of speaking the truth so easily, and the ACP could never imagine seeing such a powerful cyber criminal sitting in front of him. Amidst the three, it was Siddharth Babbar who had suffered the most, and yet he was the only one to be seen as calm.

After some more moments, the Reaper lowered his head and spoke with a grim voice, “Now that you know about my true identity and my past, I have no choice but to kill you both. Your knowledge of my identity and my mission is a threat to me and this world.”

He pulled out a gun and pointed at them.

He spoke further, “I am sorry, but I have to do this. Even if I don’t do this, crime groups from all over the world know about your tussle with the cyber underworld. You may have survived once, but even luck will not work if you are targeted by the people around the world. Please die!”

In a flash, the ACP pulled out his gun. He spouted, “Pointing your gun at the ACP’s head is pointless. I know how to dodge a bullet or two. Do you, boy?”

Their eyes gazed upon each other. In the Reaper’s eyes, there were marks of remorse, responsibility and guts. On the other side, the ACP’s eyes showed how veteran he was and how good he was at being dead with emotions and doing his job. Clearly, the atmosphere was tensed.

“Or I could just partner up with you two and others to stop this war. What do you say? I know it’s illegal, but trust me, the situation is worse than you can presume it to be .” The Shadow Reaper pulled away his gun saying.

Sheikh spoke right away, “That’s a good choice on your part. I guess you have helped us a lot, so you live for now. Make a mistake, and I won’t hesitate to pull my trigger a bit.”

“Oh you won’t be able to do tha….”

There was a thunder on his face. It was a hard slap from Siddharth Babbar. He thundered, “Better behave from now onward. I don’t care who the hell you are. You will do simply do as I say. And that’s the bottom line. Now get back to work!”

Surprised, he muttered, “You didn’t have to do that, boss!”

Babbar responded, “Now that’s better. Show us the stuff in that pen drive, now!”

They went into an other room. This room had everything transferred from the room housed for AISHA in Babbar’s home. Additionally, it had 5 more special computers and other stuff related to hacking and broadcasting. They connected the pen drive to one of those computers. The names were being revealed…

1. Serpent 

2. Cyrus

3. Victor Frankenstein

4. Scarlet

5. Scorpion

6. Jocasta

They could see 15 names, and all of them exactly had a number code associated with them.

“What are these code names and numbers? Do you have only this to show me?” Babbar growled on the Shadow Reaper.

“Well, I didn’t try to risk my life just for a shitty paper containing some damn code names and numbers. Oh wait, I AM the Shadow Reaper. I could decode this, but I could also quote the Joker… NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR FREE!”

Babbar snarled back at him, “You aren’t doing this for free either.”

“What do you mean?” the Reaper asked aggressively.

“There’s THAT file on the table. Read it.”

The Shadow Reaper went to a nearby table. It indeed had a file on it. The file cover read, “Confidential. To ACP Adil Shiekh and Siddharth Babbar.”

He opened the file. There was a letter inside it. It was from a very special group of people – jointly by the RAW and the CBI. He started to read…


Adil Shiekh, Siddharth Babbar

Hello gentlemen. We hope you are still alive when you get this letter. We need your help, and Sameer Luthra’s also. 

Around 3 years ago, we were under a cyber attack. We found out that the attack was to get our classified information, ranging from our researches to information on our agents worldwide. The attack was from a group called ‘MAYA’.

During our investigation, we learned that this group had attacked various other organisations throughout the world. The strangest thing was there was no discrimination in their targets. The range of their victims was huge, from terrorist groups to corporate companies to security agencies. Though at first we found no pattern in their attacks, the only connection we got from their attacks was that some important information was stolen whenever they attacked. The information ranged from small matter like names of random people to nuclear codes. 

However, in that same year, the whole group mysteriously disappeared. We never found out what happened to them to this day. All the data related to them was mysteriously wiped out. We later found out that a mysterious man called the ‘Shadow Reaper’ was behind their disappearance. According to the rumors, that man’s presence itself had slowly become the mark of balance in the world of codes and programs.

But now that you both have come in contact with MAYA, we have confirmed their reappearance. Plus, your stint with the artificial intelligence called A.I.SHA have captured the interest of many, friends and enemies alike. There are rumors that the Shadow Reaper is lurking nearby, and will be approaching you soon. 

As per the ACP’s report, it was due to ‘this’ AISHA that Kriti Khanna was murdered. Since it was created by Sameer Luthra and he has ties to MAYA, he needs to be on our side. We believe that if the Shadow Reaper reaches you, he will be able to find him out. Once you get him, we will get in touch again with you. 

Please note that even we have our eyes on you, so walk the fine line carefully. 

With regards and warning,

RAW and CBI, India 

The Shadow Reaper froze. He was being tailed by the world, friend and foe alike.

Babbar continued, “We already knew that you will be around us in one way or the other. But we never thought that you would come straight to us. So you see, you are in a delicate position here. One call, and a sharpshooter will kill you, though I am more than enough to kill you. Okay, enough of this, let’s go. We have someone to meet.”

As they went out of that room, there was a gunshot. It was fired at the young boy.

It was Sam.

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