Why I am Late, a Blog for a Blog, The end of my Fan-fiction, and a little News!

Well, this time, I am late. Pretty late. A month late, I should say. And I am sorry for that. 

Honestly saying, this year has been a lot busier than I had thought it would be. To be more precise, I never expected to be so out of time from the last days of July.

Yes, it’s true, it’s damn true. I got into Tezpur University this year, for the 5 year Integrated course in Bio-sciences and Bioinformatics. 

As you may know or may have heard, once you get into an institution, especially into a university, you can get real busy in no time. I too have had the same share of experience as I have theory and practicals throughout the whole day and basketball every evening. Amidst all this, it has become increasingly difficult to actually find time until now, or I could say I have been a bit lazy after getting here for the website, because I haven’t been able to keep myself up after all that hard work every single day.

But I assure you, that I am working on my daily schedule. 

Now, coming to recent days, around 20 days ago, I was asked by one of my friends to write something for his relatively new website. I agreed, but I had no idea what to write about. In my case, before I create a new write-up, I need quite the time to draft my idea,  create the outlines, then add some fillings, edit and give the final touches. At the time when he asked me for this, I had exams in front of me, and right after that was Durga Puja. No way I was going to find time in between.

Yet, I did. I somehow did.

It was on the 17th of October. I was looking out through the window of my home. Suddenly, my focus fell on the weirdly beautiful sunlight. The moment I saw those lights, it suddenly dawned on me that I should write on Autumn. It was during Autumn in 2007 when my maternal grandfather passed away, hopefully in peace. Strange as this may seem to you, I find myself oddly at peace when Autumn is around.

And so I wrote on Autumn, for Free Minds Social. Click on the pic below to read it! 

'Autumn' - Instagram Cover

The other news that I have is that the….

‘Travel Diaries’ will be resuming from November.

It had been on a hiatus since my fellow writer, Shruti Lekha, also had been busy and wasn’t being able to find much of a time. A while ago, she updated me on her status, saying that she’s once again ready to share her experiences.

Next of the news I have is that I am going to end this season of my Fan-fiction just before the first week of November. One reason behind this step is that the 3rd season of AISHA My Virtual Girlfriend is beginning in November. I don’t want my fan-fiction to be colliding with the original 3rd season. Plus, I am going to sit down and prepare for the next season with more vigor and more ideas.

And the last things is that I am in search of more people who can help me out.

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