The “Perfect” Education system of India

Indian Education System is much talked about these days because our central education minister and our government are putting in relentless efforts to make our education system one of the best in the global arena. India is currently making a shift from rote learning to innovative, state-of-the-art classroom learning techniques so that our students can have an experience of the lifetime, but still we have a long way to go.

Yet, the education system in India is not the best system. Lack of reforms and betterment has made it quite boring and ineffective. Students don’t take much interest in studies.

There are many factors that have led to this problem of students’ disinterest in education. The orthodox education system is to be blamed. The image of studies and education has been made so repulsive by the system, that children are always finding excuses to avoid it. Education is more an exploration than slogging for passing examinations, tests, and handing in assignments.

The current system is such as education appears to be a burden.

The schools and teachers corrupt the joy giving pursuit of education by putting unnecessary burdens of rules and regulations on the students. Yes, rules are needed; they are a part of our lives, but the teachers must also be able to intrigue the students towards the charms of education. Making learning and gaining knowledge a fun experience isn’t an easy task also. Teachers must expose and reveal to the students the thrills involved in it. The classroom learning must be more interesting than the bunking experience.

The worst aspect of the education system, as far as I can see, is the burden of so many books and paperwork on students. I just wonder why can’t the schools make the education system paper-free! Education should be imparted through Computer-Assisted techniques. From class-room teaching to homework assignments, it should be totally computerized.

Our education system has been flawed from the beginning.

Women were deprived of education from the beginning.

If we were to go back to the ancient history of the Indian education system, we would realize that it was founded based on the Gurukul system wherein the emphasis was laid down on the direct relationship between the guru or what we call in modern times the teacher and his sishya or pupil. This form of education system laid stress on living an austere life and the study revolved around gaining the knowledge of Vedic literature. It was largely dedicated to the teaching of philosophy, theology and philology. It was an all-inclusive education system branching out from spirituality and philosophy to the study of the art of war and stressing on good moral values and a healthy lifestyle.

However, the education system of the modern day is such that the competition is between the parents and not the students. Parents are the ones competing with each other to see whose ward does better. This has led to multiple mental problems.

It’s been emphasized from a young age to a child that he/she should be competitive, but they do not tell them how to be competitive. India has one of the highest student suicide cases in the world. Our education system is to be blamed for this. It lays more emphasis on grades than the making of a good human.

Our system makes us more graved on grades than on personality development.

In the Bihar board exams this year, the number of students committing suicide was at its peak. The reason? The failure of meeting the expectations of their parents. Wow!

Oddly enough, times now are so desperate that, if the demented but highly glorified idiot eats grass, our society will force and encourage us to go for even that. We are such morons, that we go for the competition there, even if we know that we can’t eat grass.

We are in a system where in an English-medium school, the teachers speak Hindi and expect their students to speak English. Our Indus valley system of education is way too outdated that it even made the Western education system into “I don’t know what to call it now”. As far our entrance exams like JEE, NEET go, according to students from other countries who attempted the questions the level of the questions here is way higher than what they do. The courses taught to them at their 1st year in universities is the course being taught to us in our high school. On the surface, it seems that we are the superiors at knowledge and efficiency. In contrast to this assumption, it is us superiors who aren’t doing something new and efficient. This is also the case when we are facing real-world  problems. This is simply because we are running after good grades and not good knowledge and experience. We compete for the scores, not for expertise.

Most of you here might be wondering why I am speaking on the negative thing alone. The truth is that this is the reality; people hesitate to speak the truth because of “what will the society say?”

We refuse so much to help an accident victim for the fear of being questioned by the police that the court had to enforce such system where in the one who helped is not to be interrogated. The remedy for this flawed system is that educational systems and the government and the society should work towards imparting knowledge, and not just the race for grades.

And it should begin with us. All of us.

If this flawed system goes on, then I’m afraid what will happen in the future when we the present generation become “the society”.


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  1. Very Nicely Written And Well Presented Along With Factual Information. Actually Our Education is based on theoretical knowledge and it doesn’t puts much emphasis on practical application of the theoretical knowledge, which is very much needed. Our education system can produce good and efficient employee’s but can’t produce entrepreneur’s with new ideas who can change the world.


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