My first Horror Movie at a Movie Hall!

September 11, 2018.

Finally, I got to watch a horror movie at a movie hall for the first time! And by now, you are smart enough to figure out what it was.

Before I place my experience and  my opinions, I need to clarify here that this is NOT the first horror movie for my eyes. I have watched Horror movies. Yes, not that many, but I have definitely watched.

It was all unplanned, to be honest. The plan was made the night before and confirmed on the morning of the next day. The next thing I would know is that only 20 minutes were left before the scheduled departure of the bus we were to be in. So, I got ready in a jiffy. We reached our destination in, let’s say, in 40 minutes.

So, back to the review…

I went there, with no expectations and no preparations. I believe that I am right in assuming that this movie is a prequel for the Conjuring franchise and this being set in the year 1952 (spoiler alert) confirms that. It does have a story good enough to grab our attentions, provided we are not hell bent on just watching it for the scares and jumps, and then criticizing it.

See, the fact is that, I haven’t watched the other movies of the Conjuring franchise. Thus, there is no way for me to judge how well it performs on the fear and scare bar. From one of my friends, I got to know that this movie has contributions from the veterans of the Horror genre. Not everything can be bad or good when veterans work together to create something.

I have read several reviews on this movie, which say that it’s the weakest of all the movies in the Conjuring franchise. But, here’s the catch: The movie is set in 1952. If you watch a movie from the 1950s now, you will see that there’s always a moderation in everything, from horror to comedy. My theory is that they actually wanted to show a “less-horror” movie, keeping the 1950s in mind. Maybe they wanted to explain the beginning and not just give too many scares. Critics say that it over-relies on jump scares, but I could count the number of jump scares I felt throughout the whole movie- only 7. (Is 7 even a high number?)

My personal rating for this movie is a 3.8 out of 5, and I don’t care about the ratings out there. It did at least one thing good for me – making me want to watch the other movies of the Conjuring franchise. I don’t know when, but I will start watching them soon!

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