Why I admire Vajpayee despite not following Indian Politics

I don’t follow much of Indian Politics, thus knowing a little about our Politicians. Of what I know, Atal Bihari Vajpayee has always been at the front.

What will always strike me the most is his journey to Pakistan via a bus. I consider that as his magnum opus because, what he did was something next to impossible. Think about it; it wasn’t stopped even after the Kargil War.

Perhaps the most discussed war between these two countries couldn’t also stop Vajpayee ji

If you have already heard to his speeches in the parliament and in the public, you should be able to see that he was more like a flowing river. He knew when  to criticize someone an when to praise someone. His speeches also had the element of good laughter, and most importantly, poetry. I believe that it was his poetry which had the most effect. I don’t have a collection of his work in literature or oratory, but whatever I have heard of him, it has been enough to make me move; the reason was simple logic.

Whether it be Pokharan or the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, people still talk about him and his work, even today. I have heard several dignities say that he was the right person in a wrong party. I choose to see the other way. Had he been not there, we would not be able to see his strong resolve and character.

I dare to say that he was the True Lotus of the BJP.

 Now that he’s no more, I can see news where his death is being either cashed in or politicized. I have just one request for all: please mourn a bit more for the departed soul, for he taught us many things, gave us many things and will always be an inspiration for the generations to come. DO NOT USE HIS DEATH, PLEASE DO NOT!

Last but not the least, I pray deeply for the departed soul. I humbly thank Atal Ji for doing what he did.

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