If it’s Meant to Be, It will Be. Let it Be

My dear readers, after a long break, I am back with a new post. I hope that I need not introduce myself now, given that I am old enough on this website. I would like to dedicate this post to all the fellow teenagers. Elders, please forgive me.

You might think that it’s too early for me to write these stuff. But I know it isn’t, because most of us teenagers suffer from such kind of things. I am the most recent victim of these stuff.

My dear friends, we as teenagers experience a lot because, we are that that junction of our lives where we get exposed to everything possibly present in this world. I am taking out only one of that stuff, that is Love for someone You trust, but it gives you a U-turn in having faith in love.

You see, if you lose someone you truly love, whom you trusted so much, whom you gave your everything, you tend to lose even hope too. But, don’t do that. heck, don’t even think that! I did lose my hope several times though, and even reached the conclusion of becoming a playboy. Then, I believed that it was my loneliness that kept stopping me from doing it.

However, when I thought through, several times, I realized one thing – The play of Destiny.

You see, you may or may not get what you want from your life, because Destiny has something unique in store for you. As I have realized, what Destiny’s gift is, it’s far greater than what you will ever lose.

Please don’t end up taking bad decisions that end up hurting you forever. Rather, think it through. Yes, I did lose the love of my life. But why I am now not bothering is because I have realized that perhaps, it’s not the ‘time’ for me yet. Who knows if she may love me back in the future, or that if I could get a better partner for the future? Keep asking yourself this question – Am I worth what’s happening? 

Perhaps, Bebe Rexa’s song, Meant to be, is a good way of summing what I am trying to deliver here. As she sings, if it’s meant to be, it will be; let it be.

As an inspiration to you, I decided to stay single on a whim. Now I am staying single, waiting for the day when I won’t be single. As you would have already guessed, I am letting destiny play it out, and worrying only about the present in my hand.

Thank you for reading it, and I hope you will be able to relate with me through these words. May God bless you!

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  1. After reading this, I just realized that there are many teenagers out there who struggle to decide between chasing love and chasing their dreams. I admit that I’m one of them. What do you think they should do when their heart and mind are at war? I mean, how do you decide between chasing the person you love and chasing the dreams you’ve had throughout your life? After all, both of these need time and effort.

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    1. You give me a big question mark right now…but I have only one simple answer for you and that is … When you’re still a teenager you first have to chase your dream in life and when you got it then you can go for your lover… Thanks

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