My Answer to MensXP’s ‘Uncles Trying North Eastern Cuisine’

This is a short write-up, cause it’s an answer to a certain video.

Recently, MensXP uploaded a video, where 4 elders from North India (apparently) taste traditional food from ‘North East India’. You can click on the phrase below to watch it.

Uncles Trying North Eastern Cuisine  

I don’t know about the other regions of India, but being from North East myself, I am of course, nothing but, offended. MensXP, with this video, you have angered a lot of people watching, especially those from my region. Also, you didn’t show anything from Assam or the other remaining states. This is more offensive.

Okay, enough outrage. Now I come to a neutral position.

First of all, please realize that you are quite the giant in influencing people on social media. Even I loved all of your videos to a certain point, hitherto. But this video of yours (if you haven’t realized it yet) is offensive to the culture, ethnicity, and food of North East. You must be conscious of the fact that culture, tradition, social norms, practices, food and anything connected to people and communities are defined by what they believe in, where they live and what their ancestors guided them to follow. For example, most people believe that all of the culinary items in North India is quite spicy as the climate is cold there and people have to keep themselves active by consuming these spices, but they aren’t aware of the variations occurring from one place to another. Certain food norms are followed by certain families, because of which you will find such food there which you won’t find anywhere else.

The most important thing is that we need to see not only from our side, but from the other sides also. As one wise monk says, a beautiful embroidery on one side is just a complicated tangle of colored threads on the other side.

First of all, you have shown only a few traditional dishes, that too only from Manipur and Nagaland. I understand that everyone has likes and dislikes in foods, but were the ones who tasted the food items informed about the food culture and history of Manipur and Nagaland, in special? Was the one cooked the dishes from these states?

If the cook or chef wasn’t from these states, how can one even dream of getting the real taste?

And why the comparison to Japanese food? Have they tried that? And how can they even think that Manipur, Nagaland and North India have the same kind of food? On the top of that, you give a mocking title to the video – ‘Isn’t North Eastern Cuisine delicious?

I wanted to say more, but I think there’s already enough outrage on Facebook already. There are some who say that food in North East India is problematic – it’s actually that their body isn’t suited to them. There are people in North East India also, like me, who find difficulty with some of the traditional food dishes here, too!

Don’t go on blaming the food culture if your body can’t take it. They have been evolving too, you know, much better than humans are, to be honest!

With this, I rest my open letter to MensXP and the insensitive people to food culture around the world. At least, respect the food!

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