SANJU – A Reaction ‘Review’ of an ‘Incomplete’ Masterpiece

The last movie that I saw in a movie hall was Bahubali: The Conclusion. After more than 2 years, my parents insisted me on going to the movie hall again to watch the movie, Sanju. I promised on the condition that I should not get disturbed while watching it.

Below this paragraph, is a detailed thought processed after watching this movie. I have tried my best to keep my written thoughts here as non-spoilery as possible. A spoiler warning is hereby in effect wherever you find there’s some movie leak.

Please, while reading further, do remember that I am NOT a movie critic, and also not an amateur at doing so. This is my first movie ‘review’ AFTER REALLY WATCHING IT. Whether you consider this a critic level or not is up to you, reader.

To begin the reaction, please give a round of applause to the entire cast and crew of this movie. First of all, it is NOT an easy task to make a movie on a man who has through so much turbulence and always had controversy surrounding him, with the fiery icing on the cake being the responsibility of carrying on the legacy of one’s parents. And when the man is Sanjay Dutt, things get to a new level of crazy. There is a lot, and a lot of people to consider, and we can’t satisfy everyone. Not all angles and sides of a man’s life can be shown in a biopic, because one’s life isn’t just his own, but shared by several individuals. There has to be some compromise here and there. This DOES NOT MEAN that I am claiming that there is something false in the movie.

Actually, no one should claim that there’s anything false in the movie, unless either they themselves are connected with the movie, or to Sanjay Dutt, with proof. I say this because, only Sanjay Dutt completely knows the circumstances he has been through. Not even his father, the legendary Sunil Dutt (apologies), could be in his shoes. I am not going comment on events that have clear proof, because I don’t need to. When you watch the movie, there’s a moment in the beginning itself which will exactly what I want to say, while keeping my lips sealed.

A good advice: DO NOT DO DRUGS!

Perhaps, the only thing I understand about acting is that you have to tell lies (dialogues) with emotions and grace, in order to bring the fictional/non-fictional characters to life for us. So, everyone in this movie got a ‘no-ball sixer’. Whether it be Ranbir Kapoor, who was unbelievably resembling Sanjay Dutt, or Sonam Kapoor (shocking applause, for that ‘magalsutra‘ scene), or the ‘common man’ Vicky Kaushal as ‘Kamli‘; for me though, the show stealer this time was Paresh Rawal, as the legendary Sunil Dutt.

The ‘Mangalsutra’ scene:┬áboth the actors deserve a damn medal! And god, I wish this never happens to me, even in my dreams.

For the record, I have watched, I have watched Sunil Dutt only in 2 movies as per my memories, the first being ‘Padosan‘ and the second being ‘Munnabhai MBBS‘. But it takes only a single dialogue to realize the prowess of a great actor.

Once you watch the movie, you will realise that Paresh Rawal’s portrayal isn’t the second fiddle to Ranbir Kapoor’s, but is an equal. His portrayal of a not powerful, but strong father with wrinkles, fighting a never-ending battle till his last breath is probably an attempt at the portrayal of the fathers today fighting everyday just to make ends meet. His portrayal is a reminder for the youngsters today that our parents go through a hell just to bring a smile on our faces.

It is remarkable how Ranbir Kapoor leaves a mark with every single movie he gets, irrespective of whether it is a flop or a hit. This time, he reinforces his mark, cementing the fact that no matter what anyone says (even if it’s nepotism), he is a real actor.

Many are declaring that ‘Sanju’ is already the golden page in his career. I just hope that there are many more.

In the department of music, there’s only one song that resonates with my heart – Main Badhiya Tu Bhi Badhiya. The reason it resonates with me is that I love oldies. This song is, as you guessed it, an oldie-based; Sonu Nigam and Sunidhi Chauhan give this song the voices it needed. Sadly, I didn’t give my attention to the other songs.

A special round of applause to the costume designers and make up artists for this movie (for obvious reasons).

Now coming to the main point for this write up…

Sanju has the sub-heading- One man, many lives. But there’s one more sub-heading that should fit here properly – One movie, many stories. It is not just a Sanjay Dutt Biopic, and I am not at all trying to tell how much true or false it is. What I am trying to tell is that there are at least 7 stories intertwined carefully and intricately, and not all of them are having human characters. One story in particular, which I liked the most, is the story involving three non-living characters, integral to the whole 2nd half of the movie. I doubt that you can figure all of them. I don’t know whether the alleged rumor of this movie whitewashing Sanjay Dutt’s image is true or not, but what my mother said after watching the movie made things clear for me. And what did she say? That more than a biopic, this movie re-establishes two lessons – number one, friends can drive you, either to hell, or to heaven. And the second, there’s no better best friends than your parents, so trust them with everything. One more thing, besides parents, you are lucky enough if you have even one ‘good’ friend, that stands by your side at every junction.

Perhaps I will stand on the statement that Sanju is an incomplete biopic of Sanjay Dutt.

Given what Sanjay Dutt has been through, it’s not possible to show everything in a single movie. We require, in the least, 4 more Sanju sequels, or even better, a web-series on Sanjay Dutt’s journey so far, which could be more grounded. While you may claim that the allegations on Sanju are true, please do remember that as a movie, it’s a masterpiece.

So, grab some popcorn, a seat at a movie hall, and give it a watch, keeping aside the honesty issues.

Oh, by the way, it’s personal, but I wanted Rajkumar Hirani to re-enact even a small clip from ‘Vaastav: The Reality’.


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