A WTF Letter: Some Screws need to be Tightened Up

Think about it.

An eight-year old girl was brutally raped and murdered. It was debated. It was condemned. There were protests, candle marches. She’s a Muslim, she’s a Kashmiri.

But, how long will it take for us to realise that, that she was a child? Why can’t we see the fact that children are not meant… wait, nobody is meant to be raped, for God’s sake?!

That reminds me. There was a Nirbhaya, if you remember. Before her, there was someone else, and else, and else; heck, it’s getting difficult to remember the names of all the raped women this year itself (some discovered, some still hidden).

Assuming that you haven’t forgotten just what had happened to Nirbhaya, a clear, conscious mind and heart should be yelling that what happened then was not just a crime; it was an irreversible sin, which disturbed and destroyed several lives. Criminals can be pardoned. Sinners cannot be. Sinners must be punished.

I still remember how terrifying the situation was in India after the Nirbhaya case. Protests raging everywhere, demands to hang the culprits. I could see several social media posts describing how some countries brutally punished the rapists. Some of them also used to describe old punishments (the most consistent being rats gnawing away the ‘you-know-what’).

But the question is, why do we have to keep looking painfully at the same examples for the same fucking mistake we bear witness to? Goddamn it, this is not an entrance exam, which requires us to re-read all that is required time and time again!

This is life that we are talking about. Life should grow from the mistakes we commit. But as I see it, there is no growth, there is only stagnation. There is only corruption. There can be no justice when corruption is around, and when there are minds spreading it.

Maybe I am not that experienced or powerful to change the things the way they are. But I have that much power because of which I can ask this, at least –

“When is it that we will start listening to our consciousness? When is it that we realise that our naive nature might as well destroy our society? When is it that we realise that we can’t turn a blind eye to everything?”

I know I am bit late. But perhaps, I am deliberately late, because I wanted to talk about this in the most crucial time – when it is not being talked about!

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