The Undertaker: The Backbone of WWE

The Undertaker (or rather, Mark Callaway) is now 53 years old. He has 24 straight victories at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

I wasn’t allowed to watch WWE/WWF because my parents thought that it was too violent with all the blood involved. I too thought that it’s just all-out violence televised on TV, until someone gave me a PC game related to the franchise.

That’s when I first saw The Deadman.

At that time I used to think that he really was a man from the grave, with supernatural powers. That hat uses to give me chills even now. He inspired me so much that my customised character was a sheer rip-off from him.

I haven’t watched much of WWE on TV. Back in the day, if there was anything that I could identify from WWE, it was John Cena’s theme, Rikishi’s Dance and the sound of the Undertaker’s death bell. I don’t know if you have observed it or not, but it always seems that the ‘Gong’ got more powerful with the chant of the fans around the ring.

What would scare me the most though was his

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