I’m Glad it’s a Boy!

“I’m glad it’s a boy!”

the Mother says, “At last I got one.

He shall be my priest.”

And then, she left him

with his father and elder sister,

when he turned 6 months old.

She had to go far away,

as Work was calling her

to be its servant.

And now the boy turned eight.

His father said, “I am sorry.

I am leaving.”

Now, the mother lone,

along with the elder sisters

took care of him.

And now that he turned 13

His mother really wanted him

To be a priest.

Of course,

He tried for 3 years,

but failed to proceed further.

The Mother used to say to him,

“You have no difference,

you are the same as your father.”

“But remember, my son,

at least, not his behaviour.”

Now the boy turns 16.

How sad to see a boy,

Losing the love of his Father

At a young age, not dead but alive.

For now, his Father

is so happy, Staying

with his new Family.

Yes, the boy did lose his Dad

for good, but he also forgives

him for doing it.

After all, he says, “I do love,

and respect you, dear Dad, but

Never shall I follow your behaviour to be a Dad.

Now, he prays and glorifies God

for having a good Mother and a Sister.

And he also asks him to bless his and their future.

You might wonder who this boy might be,

that the writer wrote unknowingly about.

What if the writer himself was

the ‘boy’ in the story?

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