A Brief Description of the Infinity Stones 

Who doesn’t like comic books, huh?

Well be it Marvel or DC, everyone has their favourite. In my case they both hold the same status.

With all the new movies being released from both DC and MARVEL (actually Marvel does better movies these days) the last Marvel movie being Thor: Ragnarok and the last DC movie being Justice League, both had their ups and downs. For me the last battle in THOR wasn’t that satisfactory; it was too short. For Justice League… well, it was not up to my expectations…Everything was rushed.

Now that a new year has dawned and if you are a comic lover, then this year is for us geeks. Starting with the first movie, the one we have all been waiting for (I have been, for 6 years) is finally here, i.e. Avengers Infinity War. With a run time of two and a half hours, it’s going to be the longest Marvel movie. I am personally more hyped about Thanos; he is a bad-ass.

No matter, even if you read comics or not, everyone loves the movies so… For all the new ones who have a little or no idea what it’s all about (I doubt there are many), there are few things in the movie that will get you confused such as that gauntlet that Thanos wears and what are those gems, etc.

Well I will tell you all about the Infinity stones.

Okay. So, in the comics, they are referred to as the ‘Infinity gems’ (but you can call them whatever you like). Let me tell you what these stones can do and in regard to how Thanos gets the Infinity Gauntlet.

(I can tell you that if you want this in the next blog.)

The Infinity Stones existed as the result of actions of the four ‘Cosmic Entities‘, being Death, Eternity, Entropy and Infinity.

Eternity represents the expansion of the universe basically like what the universe is

Infinity is the expansion of all the things that currently exists in the universe and will continue to till the universe ends now entropy and death are the opposite of eternity and infinity where they combine and represent life and the expansion of the universe entropy and death represent the end of life.

Entropy represents destruction of the universe and death well.You know, Death.. of all life. Not sure but the existence of Mistress Death in the Marvel Universe is said to be the driving force behind Thanos. Now I’m not sure as to why the infinity stones we’re created but they are there. In this blog I’m going to higlight what the infinity stones represent and if someone (Thanos) weilds them what they can do so.

The Mind Stone:

The Mind Stone is said to be represented by the secptre that Loki carries in the ‘Avengers‘. It basically manipulates the minds and controls them like in the movies. Hawkeye and Dr.Eric, if you haven’t forgotten. Keep in mind it can be done simultaneously so the wielder can read the minds of every being in the universe at the same time.

The reality stone:

The reality stone allows it wielder to defy all fabrics of reality and defy the laws of physics.

The power stone:

This stone was shown in the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY . The Power Stone is said to be weilded by the celestials in the past. The power stone allows its weilder unlimited power by drawing all energies that has ever existed in the universe or will exist in the universe the power stone is also said to the foundation of all the stones meaning that the power stone has to exist in order to weild the full power of the infinity stones.

The Time stone:

This stone was shown in ‘Dr Strange‘, so you very well know what it can do. It basically manipulates time it can bring things from the past and keep them in the future or vise versa.

The Space Stone:

So this is basically the Tessaract from the ‘Avengers‘. It allows the wielder to be at any place any time and not one but in multiple places at once. In the movie they use it to open a portal but I think that Loki couldn’t or did not know how to use it was because he had no power stone so maybe that’s why he couldn’t use it; that’s what I believe.

Now here’s a question, of which I’m sure all of you had.

What happens when Thanos GETS ALL the Infinity Stones?

The answer is, well… All hell breaks loose.

In the comics Thanos did get the infinity stones and, he captured all the celestial beings, destroyed half the universe with just a snap… yeah right, a snap. So, for the sake of the movies I really don’t want Thanos to get all of them.

So that was me sharing a little knowledge on the infinity stones that I know of. Do let me know if I missed any.

By the way if any of you are having a bad day, remember this – Vision just began learning to be human and now they are possibly going to kill him off.

See you all on 27th April!

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