A Time Fantasy

The moment you came into existence, a ripple marked the beginning of a new timeline. 

Your timeline begins as a dot on a blank paper, big enough to be visible. As time passes, that dot becomes a ray, and it keeps going in a straight line. Everything goes well as you want it to and how it should, until the first junction arrives.

The first junction in your timeline comes when you do not even have an idea about it; a point in your time when making decisions is just a primitive instinct, and nothing more. 

You just make a decision. That’s it.

It may not have a great after-effect, but it is still important, because this is the first point where your timeline will take a turn; it is either a (+) or a (-). Don’t worry, here (+) and (-) don’t mean right or wrong; rather, they symbolise ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

You either do it, or you don’t. It’s basically a Yes or a No every single moment. 

Now that you choose to do something, your timeline will take a turn, and move on in that way. It’s fine wherever you go. But, what happens to the other path, that you didn’t choose? Does it just disappear?

No, it doesn’t. Someone else chooses it. By someone, I mean, an ‘elsewhere’ You.

That timeline has to exist so as to balance your timeline. Any deviation from the original path must be met with a counter-deviation, so as to keep the original, straight path intact. So, whenever you have to make a decision, you are on the verge of creating two separate timelines from that point onward. This happens every time you are at a junction.

So, each time you are at a pivotal point, you will be creating 2 timelines, even though you can move only on one. Like that, you will keep deviating more or less from the original straight path on which you were supposed to be. But this doesn’t mean that you will never get a chance to see the possible outcomes of the other options.

There is a chance that you will get to see the alternate outcome, provided that you keep moving.

There are certain points in the time space where two or more than two timelines, related or unrelated, meet. At those points, you will feel either regret for your wrong choices or be happy about the choices you didn’t take. Along with that, the other major thing is that you will feel that you can do a lot of things at that very moment. Keep in mind though; you always have only two choices at a time – Either a Yes or a No. You may continue on one of those timelines, or you may create a new one altogether, born from the combination of two or more timelines. All that depends on what the situation is.

Now you might have an idea of just how many drastically different timelines you created just now by reading this write-up. 

And what’s more, even unrelated timelines get entangled. That happens when there are interactions between two or more people. One decision at such a critical point could have either a boosting or an adverse effect on all those timelines.

You could fuck up all the timelines. 

Now the questions that remain to be answered are –

Is time travel possible? Can we jump to alternate timelines? 

Well, I would say that time travel is not going to be possible for the next hundred years or so.

The reason behind this is that, since we have created so many timelines throughout our life, we could end up being in not the desired one, or we could twist every timeline that we have ever created. The point is, when we would jump in time, we may take the shortest path possible. This will be dangerous. So unless we figure out how to jump in a chronological order, we shouldn’t even think of time travelling.

As far as going to alternate realities is concerned, we could do that much sooner because we aren’t jumping in time, but just shifting to another reality. But I wonder if we could come back once we jump. After all, our choices create different timelines every moment.

So, after reading all of this, I want to ask you – Did you like my fantasy? 

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