Top 10 places You need to Visit to enjoy Life after Exams

After dozens of sleepless nights and all those nagging of parents, the board exams are to be over soon. Now it is all about refreshment, chilling with friends, and enjoyment with family. And with so much of time, it can be confusing as to what to do after the exam.

Maybe travel a bit.

With friends, family or alone, it doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy their company. Travelling to a different place with different culture and tradition will give a new dimension to life. It can also change your perspective on life.

Travelling while in college is also going to be fun, but then you’ll be a completely different person with different views. So hit the road before life actually hits you hard.

Here are the top 10 places to visit after the exams with friends and family on a shoestring budget:
Explore the brighter side of Goa with parents:

Yes, you heard it right- Goa with parents. This place is a big NO for any Indian parents, so what can be better than showing the beautiful and untamed side of Goa to them and breaking the stereotype?

With the fusion of Indian and Portuguese culture, this small state of India attracts millions of tourists every year from every corner of the globe. Sun, sand, sea, and seafood gives some memories to cheer for the entire life.

Explore the backdrop of Goa

Enjoy the impeccable beauty of Kashmir:

Kashmir is a heaven on Earth. Lush green valleys and snow-capped mountains have got this place on everyone’s bucket list. In the month of April, this beautiful valley will also celebrate the Tulip festival. What can be better than witnessing a cultural bonanza and adoring some of the fascinating and beautiful varieties of tulips?

Find your inner peace in Tawang:

Tawang has a deep spiritual connection. The Tawang Monastery was founded by the Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in 1681. And the sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, was born in Tawang. Beautiful and peaceful monasteries are line up all through the mountain making this place post-card worthy. Also, Tawang receives snowfall every year during December–January. In such a quaint town one can definitely find their inner soul.

Get a good holiday package, grab a few warm jackets and you’re all set to go.

Get blinded by the city lights in Mumbai:

The city of dreams has always lured us. Land in this mysterious city and be amazed at its grandeur, and when you get tired of these crowd of concretes then worry not; Mumbai has much more to give. Midst the city’s madness, Mumbai has preserved some calm places like Sanjay Gandhi National Park and ancient Kanheri Caves crafted out of rocky cliffs, which dating back to 2,400 years to explore for peace seekers.

Marine Drive and high-rise buildings at Nariman Point.
Drive up the curves to Meghalaya:

Dawki, Cherrapunji, Mawsynram, Jowai… and the list goes on. This state with so much of tourist attractions has much more to explore. Meghalaya as a state is also among the richest botanical habitats of Asia. The state is mostly hilly and the roads have tremendous curves and bends. If you love riding then why not drive to Meghalaya this summer and pump up the adrenaline in your body?

You just need to have a proper itinerary and some driving experience after that just hit the road.

Witness summer festival at the ‘Oasis in the Desert’:

Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan. Dotted with river, lakes, waterfall, and evergreen forests, this oasis is a major attraction for the people of Rajasthan and Gujarat to escape the burning heat of summer. Every year in the month of May or June, a summer fest is celebrated here on the full moon of Buddha Purnima. This festival can be the best opportunity to experience some Rajasthani folk cultures.

Mount Abu
Drench in the holy Ganga in Varanasi:

Varanasi or Banaras is the religious hub of the country. With forts, ghats, temple, mosques this place is hard to explore in just one or two days. So take advantage of the coming holidays after exam and head to Varanasi.

Walking through the narrow lanes, discover beauty in the culture of this place, and deepen your knowledge of God and religion.


There is something to be explored in every corner of the country. Instead of travelling some thousand miles away one can also choose to see and admire the beauty of the homeland. But make sure you de-stress and heal your mind in the process.

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