Chapter 7: Demonstration of Might!

The time of the attack? 12 noon. The target? Internet.

The first thing everyone was noticed was distortions on their phones and laptops. Then, they stopped responding.

“What the hell! What happened to it? Why isn’t it responding?”, an office employee shouted, sitting on his chair. 

“Dad, did you do something to my phone? It isn’t RESPONDING!”, a 14-year old boy suspected his father of sabotaging his phone. His father replied back, “I could ask you the same question”.

One could hear such statements wherever he or she would go. Soon, the city became chaotic, as people stormed into mobile repair shops wherever they were, and afterwards into showrooms of various smartphone companies. They were demanding answers. The companies were helpless as every smartphone and laptop in the city had the same disorders.

Because of this, the city’s activity came to a halt. It was only when an anonymous hacker pointed out that it was a virus that was rendering the devices useless, that the companies set to remove the virus. It took less than half the day to remove the virus.

But the real kick in the stomach came later in that day.

“This morning, the city was under a virus attack from an unknown source, because of which the city came to a halt for 12 hours. Though it was stopped, it is supposed that it was just a starter.

As we speak, more and more digital accounts are getting inaccessible and shut down. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Bank, Academic and whatever else; every last one of them is disappearing. We don’t know who or what caused it yet. The authorities are in a state of perplexity, as they see it happening too fast and can’t figure out what should they do. The people are in a state of panic, as they get unable to access all their assets.”

Siddharth Babbar was sitting in his home, hearing the news on the TV.

“Barring a few individuals like the Founder and CEO of DARWIN, Siddharth Babbar, none have escaped the clutches of the virus. Even our social media is now inaccessible to us. This is the last way we are able to communicate this news to all of you.”

Just about then, there were disruptions in the TV telecast too. Sid had a very good idea of who could cause that. Soon, moments later, he was right. It was the same hidden face, from MAYA.

“Greetings, everyone. We hope that everything went well during the demonstration of might. Today, the virus that attacked you was actually our work. Thanks to that, we now have access to all the digital accounts you access. Although, don’t worry. This was our first demonstration, so as a gesture of kindness, we will give you back your accounts. 

However, now onward, every move you make will have an effect. Everything you do will now have a result. Everything you will see will be a part of the Revolution that we intend to bring. And that Revolution begins, NOW!”

With that, the disruption ended, and the telecast returned to normal. It was two days after when people got back access to their accounts. On that very same day, MAYA’s members gathered once again.

“Abigail, tell us the results of our attack”, Professor started the conversation.

“Yes Professor. Here’s what we accomplished – Our attack went all the way to the outskirts of the city. Importantly, during the half-a-day long attack, we got access to 2,25,863 Facebook accounts, 1,25,422 Instagram accounts, 1233 Twitter accounts, and 93,245 Bank accounts. Additionally, we got access to several government accounts and databases. However…”

Saraswat interrupted, “We all know, Babbar. That bastard wasn’t touched somehow. AISHA, did you do that?”

“I am not a human to let that Babbar go out of my hands. Someone stopped us. Definitely.”

Professor now showed his concern. “This is not good. We are increasing the number of our enemies with each passing day. First Sam, then Babbar. I wonder who is it this time.”

Meanwhile, at Sid’s home…

“Have you done what I ordered you to, Yash?”, Sid was waiting, sipping on a cup of coffee.

“A copy of the virus? Done, boss. Here it is. But what do you need it for?”, Yash asked, revealing the pen drive containing the virus.

Taking it, Sid replied, “It’s time for an upgrade!”

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