8 Reasons Why College is the Best Time to Travel

No wonder traveling is the best investment in life as it can change your whole perspective on life and the world. You can opt to travel anytime in your life but traveling while in college is an experience which you’ll cherish forever and it will certainly open more horizons to your life.

College life is already so expensive and that’s why not many students prefer traveling. But you certainly need not be rich to travel what you just need is a proper, detailed plan and need to choose a perfect destination.

The best thing that college life offers is friendship. You can tag along your friends and group travel can cut half your expenditures.

Image Source: pixabay.com

Here are the top 8 reasons to travel while you’re still in college.

1. You’re young and open to everything:

There are certain advantages that students can avail while in college, like various companies and banks offering certain ‘student travel cards’ which can ease your budget worries. Whether you’re in Poland or Rome or in any other part of the world you can find various benefits while traveling as a student.

But once you’re out of college, sadly, you won’t be eligible for all these. Being young also mean you’ll hardly care about others’ judgments and will be easily able to cope with your surroundings.

A trip to Munnar

2. You’re free from any kind of responsibility:

Once you’re out of college surely you’ll get busy searching for jobs, settling down and eventually getting married (that is although up to you). And all these things will certainly take up most of your time and space. So you’ll be flipping through those tempting travel photographs in the Lonely Planet rather than actually traveling and exploring places.

Make use of your freedom

3. College life will be burden for you sometimes:

In 2014, the American Psychology Association released a report on depression among students and how it’s increasing over time.

College and university mental health trends by school year among students already receiving services at counseling centers
Image Source: http://www.apa.org/

It’s really saddening to see such reports. Repeating the same schedule of college often leads to boredom and almost all students feel pressured to have good grades and good position, and not being able to fulfill them sometimes may lead to depression. A vacation, at least once in a year, in college life can help to rejuvenate the body and the mind.

Celebrating festivals in a strange land can heal your soul

4. Traveling will teach you beyond any textbook:

If you are going to one new place a year then you may have learned at least one new thing. Traveling to a new place often teaches us how people are adapting to their surrounding with their survival skills. You just observe things and grab a few new skills before leaving. Traveling to Munnar actually taught me why everything is so overpriced and how tough life is in the hills.

A traditional Naga kitchen

5. You’ll learn to be independent while traveling:

In a complete foreign area where you know nobody, you need to be strong and bold. Maybe you’re a mama’s boy or girl but this new experience will help you to step outside of your comfort zone and get into the real world. Sometimes traveling alone may be scary for you but there are people who have done it and you just need to get inspired.

Be sure to find yourself among the madness of a crowd.

6. Traveling means meeting new people:

There are so many people that you’ll meet while traveling. Some will remain as strangers while others will become family and friends. As you meet people you’ll get to know about their lives and experiences. And for me listening to the life stories of a native while traveling is far better than watching Netflix on the same couch every day.

This guy in Kerala help me to get inside a temple.

7. Travel will help you to expand your boundaries:

You might have a stereotypical image of a certain place but actually traveling there may change you the complete view. Like last month I traveled to Goa and discovered something more than my imagination. In a different place, you’ll see how different the people are in their look, caste, creed, and religion yet how similar they are as humans and it will change you forever.

Siolim in early morning.

8. Cause you’ll never be young again:

It’s the time when you just want to live in the moment rather than planning your life ahead. You’re ambitious yet you’re adventurous but as soon as you pass this age you’ll never be reckless again. What people describe as maturity will bring a lot of changes in you.

Go and discover something new today.

So set your budget, get permissions, book your tickets and hop on a flight and go somewhere and learn something new.

Caution: Once you’re back from the trip you’ll never be the same again. 🙂

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  1. I really like this post! I studied abroad last semester, got bitten by the travel bug, and now I can’t get enough! I agree with all of these points


    1. I’m glad to hear that. Keep traveling and keep visiting this page for more travel tips. Lots of ❤


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