10 Inspiring female explorers of the modern time

Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, let’s celebrate the glory of these female explorers who are making their mark in the world through their adventures while inspiring many other ordinary women to chase their dreams.

These women have emerged as ‘heroes’ and have changed the society’s perception of woman travel. Their achievements are hard to ignore and their stories can’t fail to impress anyone. Exploring the busy city streets to some of the barren lands on the earth, these female explorers have taken traveling to new heights.

Here’s the list of the incredible women who have created history in the modern time through their explorations.
Kira Salak:

An American journalist and author of three adventure – themed books, Kira Salak has explored Mali and Papua New Guinea on her own. Kira is also recognized as ‘the first documented person to kayak 966 kilometers down the Niger river‘, and there are yet a lot more adventures of her. In 2014 she even received the PEN Award for journalism. She is the editor of the National Geographic Magazine.

Photos of Kira Salak Kayaking 600 Miles To Timbuktu, Mali
Kira Salak

Afghan Women’s Cycling Team:

The Afghan Women’s Cycling Team is a team of twelve Afghani women having the same motto of fighting for equality and chasing dreams. They have already competed in four international events – in India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and South Korea. They even have been featured in the 2016 National Geographic Adventurer of the year.

Image result for afghan women's cycling team
A part of the Afghan Women’s Team

Rosie Swale Pope:

A British author, Rosie Swale Pope is also an adventurer and marathon runner who has completed a five year around-the-world run. Sailing single-handedly across the Atlantic in a small boat, and solo trekking 4,800 km through Chile on horseback are a few of the many adventures that she has covered till now. To support orphaned children of Russia she has raised £250,000. Queen Elizabeth II presented her with an MBE in 2008 for her charity work.

Rosie Swale Pope

Anne Mustoe:

A touring cyclist and author of travel books, Anne Mustoe passed away on 10 November 2009, but has left behind the tales of her adventures. In her lifetime she cycled across England, through Europe to Pakistan, India, Malaysia and finally America. She covered 14 countries of 11,552 miles in 439 days.

Image result for anne mustoe
Anne Mustoe

Junko Tabei:

Junko Tabei, a Japanese mountaineer was the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. In 1991 she reached the summit of Mount Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica and in the following year she climbed Puncak Jaya. Tabei was also the director of the Himalayan Adventure Trust of Japan. She lost her life to cancer in October 20, 2016.

Junko Tabei
Junko Tabei

A special shoutout to all our female writers of AlphaWord ‘Z’!

Robyn Davidson:

Robyn Davidson has penned down her adventures in her book which were later turned into the award-winning film ‘Tracks‘ in 2013. She set off on an incredible journey in the year 1977. She started from Alice Springs and traveling a total of 1,700 miles, she finally reached the West Coast of Australia. She was accompanied by her dog and four camels throughout her whole journey.

Image result for robyn davidson
Robyn Davidson

Helen Thayer:

This New Zealand born explorer at 50, became the first woman to travel solo to the Magnetic North Pole, pulling her own sled without resupply. Her most of the explorations are by walking. She managed to walk through the Sahara desert and the Mongolian Gobi desert. Helen Thayer‘s adventures are written by her in the book ‘Trekking the Gobi: Desert of Dreams and Despair’.

Image result for helen thayer
Helen Thayer

Premlata Agarwal:

Premlata Agarwal is the first Indian Woman to scale the Seven Summits. Inspiring many other women, she became the oldest Indian woman to have scaled the world’s tallest peak, Mount Everest, at the age of 48 years. She has also been part of various expeditions. One such expedition was the Thar Desert Expedition in 2017. She has been named in the top Indian Women Achievers in 2012 by indiatimes.com.

Image result for premlata agarwal
Premlata Agarwal

Jacki-Hill Murphy:

Jacki Hill-Murphy‘s book, Adventuresses, is all about adventures of her lifetime. She followed the past female adventurers while traveling through some of the dangerous places and recreated their journeys. She traveled by yak across the Digar-La Pass in Ladakh like Isabella Bird, traveled through the path of Mary Kingsley and reaching the summit of Mount Cameroon. She tracked through Moscow to Siberia imitating the route of Kate Marsden.

Image result for jacki hill murphy
Jacki-Hill Murphy

Sarah Outen:

She is an international motivational speaker, British athlete, and an adventurer. Rowing solo across the Indian Ocean. Sarah Outen is the first woman and the youngest person to do so. She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society following her successful Indian Ocean crossing in 2009. Using her own power without the use of any engine, she completed her round-the-world journey on 3rd November 2015.

Image result for sarah outen
Sarah Outen

So, this Women’s Day get inspired by these ladies’ amazing adventures.

Go, chase your dream and set off for a new exploration.

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