It’s Board Exams Time!

Hello, fellow juniors. I am happy seeing you reacting in all the ways possible to the nightmare of your school life –

The Board Exams.

Whether you are in the 10th or the 12th standard, this nightmare should be able to grasp you in its hold at least once, even if you are the mightiest brains of all. These exams are nowadays a month or longer than that, having a mix of long or short gaps depending on what your subjects are.

Board exams are usually seen to assess you on the basis of what you learn in the 10th or the 12th standard. There are only a few who will recognise that these exams aren’t just assessing one of your years; they are actually trying to find out just how much knowledge have you acquired since the beginning of your formal education.

So, if you thought of memorising everything for the boards, you should realise that you can’t memorise the knowledge of 10 or 12 years. You have to grasp it, soak it into yourself, understand and use it. You need to make it a part of you.

The important part to acknowledge is, that you have already made yourself unknowingly ready. You just need someone to give you a push.

And who can give you that push? None but YOU.

Everyone else who encourages you is just a supporting hand. People like me have already experienced the insurmountable pressure and tension surrounding the exams. We have grown above that pressure now, so it is easy for us to tackle such pressure now, all by ourselves. Still, we get the chills. We are no exception.

But perhaps, the most important thing that I want to tell you is that, You are not alone.

You will crumble under this pressue several times. You may despair during the exams, and you may cry. But never ever face this alone. Talk with your parents about your exam time, your tensions, your worries, and your expectations. Talk it out with your friends. Lean on, when you have to.

A special shoutout to our two members, Poree Das and Arunava Borah, who are also in this battle.

And no matter what, remember that this is just the first big step of your life. Even if you stray away from your target, you can always take a detour and come back. Life does not end with the Boards. It merely begins it.

With that, I wish you luck for your exams. Battle it out, but with determination. Tremble, but with joy. Sweat, but with your writing speed.

And, smile during the exam, for that can do wonders!

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