A Premonition…Was It?

So, this may seem like something straight out of a movie but, well… here’s an incident I want to share.

About a month ago I started seeing this girl but… well I wouldn’t call our relation as being that of lovers as it was more like a mutual understanding; we were both far from home and living in a new place. You could imagine it like two Indians going abroad and then see each other and be like, “Hey you’re Indian, I’m Indian too. Let’s get along” type.

So we clicked, and it wasn’t long before we started to think of this more than just a “mutual understanding”

We started talking day and night and started seeing each other everyday. This went on. And even though we both knew it wouldn’t last as she was going to go back home forever and I wouldn’t be able to see her no more, but nonetheless we had fun. Time to time I would ask her when she would be going but she never told. Little did I know that she was doing this for our sake.

So you could say I never knew when she was going to leave.

One fine day I asked her out on a date our first official date. (Keep in mind I never actually asked her out for a date)

I had initially decided that we would go out for a movie and then dinner. I had it all planned for the D-day but to my dismay the movie tickets were sold out. The only time they would play that move again was at 9:30 pm and that was pretty late for the both of us. So I shifted to plan B, which was dinner. I took her to a popular joint, but they were having renovations that day. Wow!

Thoughts started running through my mind mostly about the way I ruined everything (well, I never actually did check the locations) but then, she suggested a place and we went there.

Yes, in the end it was her who made the decision. Anyways that day went well (from my perspective­čśů).

That was 2 days before she left (although she never told me I learned about it, 2 days later).

That day, while returning home, I asked her when she was leaving. She told me she was going the next week; so after I got home I started thinking about what to give her as a farewell gift. After thinking hard for 30 minutes, I decided on a necklace. I checked the dates for possible delivery but they were all after she would leave. So I decided to give her a book instead. I went the next day, brought the book, gift-wrapped it and was planning to give her the next day.

That night when I called her to ask her plans for the next day, she said she was going out and wouldn’t be back till evening and so, I asked her to meet me after she came back.

She didn’t say anything. I felt it was strange but, let it go anyway.

That night, I had a strange dream.

Strolling down a known, yet unknown road with a classmate of mine whom I would call Alex, I was showing him my neighborhood. After we went far enough we decided to turn back that’s when my breathing became difficult. And I woke up.

Yes, I woke up as I had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom after which I came back, went back to sleep and, continued with my dream!

I feel like I’m one of the few people who can continue a dream ­čśé Anyway, breathing became difficult as I tried to walk.

After going for some distance I asked Alex if there was less oxygen in the atmosphere. Then I tried walking and in a short while I came at a three-way junction, from where I couldn’t walk anymore. I fell down on my knees. Alex was trying to help me. I lifted my head and, in between that junction I saw a girl carrying her luggage. She waved at me and Alex asked her if I knew her. I…knew her but, I couldn’t say for sure. I stood there watching as she waved goodbye after sometime and went the other way.

The dream ends there.

The next day, while going to my class, I was wondering what could it mean. In between the class I got a missed call from her. I called back after sometime, but no answer. On my way back from class I was walking with Alex when I saw a car. Inside the compound of her hostel, I don’t know what made me pause and look at number plate. Somehow I suspected it would be her seeing as to why she wouldn’t, my calls and that dream. I wanted to confirm as I looked I saw her friends waving at someone inside the car… And as the car came out I saw the number plate.

It was bearing the numbers from my state. I knew it was her.

My stomach sank, and right then Alex asked me the same question as he did in my dream. He asked me if I knew that girl who was in the car. I didn’t say anything. I just stood there holding my phone and just staring. After sometime I came back to my senses and started walking towards my hostel, and right then I saw her for the last time. She waved goodbye.I just gave an involuntary smile and walked away. After a few distance I turned back and the car was gone from the three-way junction.

Now we don’t even have contact with each other because Aircel cannot pay the 15000 crore rupees of the loan it took and hence cellular services banned. Still I know that we are never going to see each other again.

Apparently, it does seem like something straight out of a movie. But I want you all to know something – Always cherish the moment that you are living in and make sure you have no regrets.

As far as I go, I was never able to give her the book I brought. It is still with me, wrapped and safely locked.

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  1. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find someone with some original ideas on this subject. realy thanks for beginning this up. this web site is something that’s needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality. helpful job for bringing something new to the internet!


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