An Ode to Sridevi

Sridevi has left us, and she even didn’t reach her 60s.

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday morning, holding a biscuit in my mouth when I saw a post on Facebook, stating that Sridevi is no more. At first, I thought that this was a joke by some fools, to gain attention and likes nonetheless.

But the news was real. She’s no more with us.

Now that I remember, the first female actor whom I remember watching on my TV was Sridevi. The movie was ‘Mr India’ and the song was ‘Hawa Hawaii’. I can still subconsciously remember the scenes in the song, and of course, her energy still radiates in that song. It would be long before I would watch this movie again.

I have watched the original Himmatwala, Mawwali, Chandni, Chaalbaaz, Judaai and even got the chance to watch English Vinglish. Since I watch movies a lot less, I can say that she was the female actress I watched the highest.

To tell you an honest truth, I was planning to get her interview, even if it would have taken me 5 more years. Alas, I can’t do that anymore. Curse that cardiac arrest; couldn’t it have not come, or come at least 40 years later?

But, what good it is to scream now? She has left us at a tender age of 54, and to think she started acting at a mere age of 4… at an age when I couldn’t even speak properly; Sridevi was a remarkable work of the gods. Whoever gave her the name of ‘Sridevi’ was extremely correct in doing so.

Rest in peace, Chandni. You left us too soon.

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